Biotech Magazines and Blogs

Biotechnology is a biology-based technology that harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to create technologies and products that help enhance people’s lives and health. It is the use of biological processes for industrial and other purposes, particularly genetic modification of micro-organisms for the development of antibiotics, hormones, etc. The Biotech Magazines publishes articles in biotechnology and allied sciences in a way that has never been addressed earlier.

The CEO Views Magazine is a business magazine with articles that inspire you to change, innovate, and disrupt business and lifestyle. The CEO Views brings together CXOs, CIOs, and the various other C-Level executives of organizations to share their experiences on a single platform. The magazine’s future editions will focus on technology news in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Healthcare, and much more.

Listed below are a few biotech magazines and websites for the science enthusiasts

  1. org is the biotechnology news website, and it provides the latest breaking news and videos in the biotechnology sector.

  1. FierceBiotech

This biotech magazine offers the latest biotech stories on leaders in the biotech industry, emerging biotech businesses, FDA decisions, VC transactions, and other news from the biotech industry.

  1. eu is the European biotech industry’s leading digital media provider. It is used by more than 50,000 monthly visitors to keep an eye on the biotechnology industry and developments.

  1. BiotechBlog

BiotechBlog provides commercial, political, legal, and scientific trends in biotechnology.

  1. Reddit

Reddit offers news on any technical application that creates or modifies goods or processes for particular use using biological systems, living organisms, or combinations of these systems.

  1. Nature Research – Biotechnology

This biotech magazine provides the latest news and research from on the topic of Biotechnology.

  1. ScienceDaily – Biotechnology News

Science Daily deals with the latest studies on genetic modification, drug development, and more worldwide.

  1. org – Biotechnology News offers the most current biotechnology news and updates.

  1. News Medical – Biotechnology

News Medical offers the latest Biotechnology News and Research.

  1. ScienceBlogs – Biotechnology

ScienceBlogs is the number 1 source for biotechnology, life science, physical science, educational science, politics, medicine, and much more scientific news and information. It is considered to be one of the best biotech magazines.

  1. GEN News – Genetic Engineering

GEN News provides regular news coverage and commentary, features, tutorials, webinars, podcasts, and blogs, and is the hub for the latest in genetic engineering.

  1. Technology Org – Biotechnology news

Technology Org deals with the latest science and biotechnology news.


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