The outbreak of COVID-19 has created awareness of our surrounding air quality more than ever. Under this present crisis, SanUVAire has been helping its customers fight the war against the virus with its Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Systems and re-usable UV resistant air filters. The company offers customized solutions for air purification and surface sanitization applications.

SanUVAire embarked on this venture after learning that many people suffer from some respiratory issues such as asthma, COPD, and other lung matters. After much research and analysis, SanUVAire realized the essential need to improve indoor air quality because it is five times worse than outdoor air quality according to leading health organizations such as EPA, WHO, CDC, etc. Thus, the company launched its air purification product line to various industries but, primarily, to the public transport sector with a concern for its vulnerable ridership. “Most of us, and specifically public transit agencies, are not well-equipped for major public health crises. People talk generally about air conditioning, filtration, and humidity, but people do not focus on the risks associated with the significant contaminants in our indoor air which are re-circulated and inhaled all the time,” says Chad Sleiman, CEO of SanUVAire. “People are contained in such small and crowded places all day, every day, which only increases the risk of spreading airborne disease.” So it was a global idea to incorporate ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technology into SanUVAire’s goal to sterilize indoor air and offer a safer and healthier indoor environment. “We are blessed with the Sun which emits UV-C rays to disinfect our atmosphere and cleanse the air we breathe. SanUVAire harnessed the same UV-C rays in its technology to sterilize indoor air and specifically the re-circulated air in transit vehicles “Our solutions are specially designed with certain UV-C emittance for public transport but also SanUVAire carries product lines for other applications including healthcare, commercial facilities, and our own homes”, adds Chad.

We are blessed with the sun which emits UV-C rays to disinfect our atmosphere and cleanse the air we breathe.

Encompassed in its significant experience in past years, SanUVAire worked with a Transit Agency seeking to disinfect all its buses due to an airborne pathogen outbreak. No matter what the Agency tried, be it power washing, pesticides, or fumigating, the issue continued to resurface. The Agency had insurance claims against it as a result so the Agency called upon SanUVAire to analyze the situation. SanUVAire ultimately implemented its solution which focused on the source of the problem, the HVAC systems in the vehicles, and corresponding coil disinfection. Where the air in the vehicle was being circulated through the un-clean HVAC units and then continually re-circulated back into the indoor air space, it was leading to the propagating of airborne contamination in the buses due to the fact that HVAC coils and ducts are breeding grounds for mold, bacteria and viruses and other infectious airborne pathogens. SanUVAire fixed the problem at the source and helped the Agency overcome the issue.

The onset of the current pandemic has boosted the demand for SanUVAire solutions and more customers are reaching out to leverage its technology. To protect customers against this airborne coronavirus, all harmful pathogens, and infectious diseases, SanUVAire is offering its best SanUVAire360™ comprehensive and all-inclusive solution. No other company offers this complete and extensive indoor air purification and surface sterilization packaged remedy or anything similar. SanUVAire has been prepared for a pandemic and launched a streamlined, all-inclusive approach to address the situation from every angle. As well, while keeping hygiene and safety in mind, “We also keep our solutions environmentally-friendly and assure optimal performance at a lower budget,” says Chad.

The journey of this company has not always been an easy ride. It has faced various market challenges, but mostly, SanUVAire’s challenges have revolved around educating the public about indoor air purification and why is it so important. “Many people lack the education and understanding of what SanUVAire stands for and what it does. The primary concern of customers in the transit market is always budget, for which it seems they are unfortunately ready to risk their own lives” Chad states. Hence, SanUVAire not only makes an effort to educate its customers but also offers its solutions at a sustainable rate. With the flow of government funding now available because of this current pandemic, SanUVAire is able to help transit agencies think proactively for the next wave of the current health crisis or even the next pandemic, solve the problems with the HVAC breeding ground, and ultimately reduce the infectious spread while offering cost reductions.

Moving forward, with its SanUVAire360™ approach, its UVGI technology, and product lines, SanUVAire believes it is offering a significant and healthy trend for the evolving human lifestyle. It all can be used in advanced vehicles and modernized facilities. “We feel positive about our company’s future prospects. We are poised and prepared to overcome any problem related to indoor air quality,” concludes Chad.


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