Response Mine Interactive

Response Mine Interactive (RMI) is an industry-leading digital marketing services firm that expertly wields data for customer acquisition and retention. Founded in 2001, RMI’s culture is based on integrity which drives honest, meaningful feedback to its customers and creates dominant online brands in e-commerce, healthcare, retail, travel, and home services markets. RMI focuses on innovation, testing, and margin-based decision-making to create breakthroughs in volume and efficiencies that optimize ROI.

“Before starting Response Mine, I’d worked in a traditional direct response marketing agency. In 2001, three years after Google was founded, I realized that digital marketing enabled a higher level of direct response than the world had ever known,” said Ken Robbins, CEO. “That’s when I started Response Mine Interactive, dedicated to enabling companies selling both B2B and B2C products and services to see the power of real-time, continually tested, ROI-based, direct response marketing,” added Robbins.

RMI has managed some of the most extensive digital marketing programs for businesses across healthcare, retail, home services, and travel. For nearly 20 years, brands have trusted RMI to scale their paid advertising programs. Other organizations call for RMI when results have plateaued, and the objective is efficient next-level growth. Cutting edge technology is critical to breaking through performance barriers. Equally important are the seasoned media and analytics experts developing integrated cross-channel strategies and ensuring that the Plan is well executed.

RMI Is an industry leader in applying the proper balance of automatic technology and draw human insight into its advertising programs. This is about much more than keywords. RMI uncovers the business drivers that are specific to the clients. Whatever the factors — lifetime value (LTV), geography, seasonality — RMI does not rest until they have a thorough understanding of what it takes to grow the client’s business.

RMI believes in dealing honestly, as trusted advisors to its clients, and being grateful. RMI recognizes employee performance weekly, strives for excellence daily, and always maintains integrity. The Seven Core Values have been the guideposts to the success enjoyed by RMI, its employees, and clients.

Response Mine Interactive operates by these seven guiding principles:

1. Our Word is Our Bond

2. We Encourage our Employees to Innovate

3. We Do Not Take Advantage of Others We Respect Each Other’s Property

4. We Strive for Excellence

5. We Respect Each Other’s Property

6. We Recognize Performance

7. We Are Grateful

Having worked across different verticals in the digital marketing industry for 20 years, RMI has observed that clients generally know what marketing is delivering from a sales perspective. But often, many clients do not know how to precisely operationalize and weaponize their marketing programs to achieve breakthrough results. RMI tracks and measures everything, making it very clear which marketing channels are driving optimal results and which need additional focus and attention to drive more effective and efficient results. And RMI insists that its clients make data-driven decisions. With the mountains of data available to companies today, there is no excuse to be drowning in a sea of data yet starving for insights. RMI helps its clients solve that challenge.

The advancements in digital marketing have been non-stop and are accelerating at breakneck speed. Twenty years ago, RMI was excited about focusing on optimizing and driving results for every keyword. Ten years later, RMI was excited to use social media platforms to target by interests and behaviors. Today technology enables the company to target any person at the moment he/she walks into a competitor’s store. RMI can even layer this precise location data with buying history and cater messages to prospects at each stage in the sales funnel. It’s a really exciting time to work in the digital marketing field.

Response Mine Interactive works with clients to use digital marketing to solve complex business challenges. In its work with a non-profit hospital, RMI was able to tap into their mobile advertising knowledge to construct a marketing program to reach rural patients for telehealth services. The hospital was challenged with delivering care to current and prospective patients in rural locations because they lacked access to transportation. The hospital chose to partner with RMI to develop the digital marketing program to aid in the launch of its 24/7 mobile telehealth app.

RMI focuses on innovation, testing, and margin-based decision-making to create breakthroughs in volume and efficiencies that optimize ROI.

RMI constructed a marketing plan with the goal of creating awareness for the new app in the marketplace and achieving an established number of app downloads and virtual doctor visits within the app. RMI was able to exceed weekly and overall campaign goals for both the number of downloads and virtual visits within the app using innovative digital marketing strategies for in-app advertising. The results far exceeded client expectations and RMI was able to help the client deliver needed care to its patients.

“Predicting the roadmap for technological advances is a little tricky. For instance, who would have predicted that advertisers would be able to market to consumers interested in a retailer’s product right on their phone the moment they enter a physical store with an offer or a coupon? With today’s technology, this is possible. All we can really say with certainty is that RMI will continue to be on the leading edge of technological expansion, wherever that takes us,” said Robbins.

RMI is continuing to evolve and expand as digital marketing continues to transform. With the transformation comes the need for highly skilled digital marketing resources. RMI hires smart, motivated, and innovative employees who strive for excellence. And RMI recognizes these skills and characteristics can be procured without geographic restrictions and has expanded its footprint internationally. The company now recruits and works with talent across the globe. This enables scalability and growth to continue while rewarding the employees with a much more flexible work-from-home schedule.


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