Santoku Corporation is a global organization that encourages innovation in all business operations. The company’s focus on universal safety prompted its global expansion. As a small company, the ability to acquire and use foreign human resources made globalization easier. The company’s capacity to focus on all senses, reproduce them, and use them is unique. This year, CEOViews recognized Santoku Corporation as one of the top 50 most admired companies across the globe. Using robot control technology, the company made different technologies to meet market needs and imitate every human sense.

Susumu Matsuda, Division Director of Information and Technology Division of Santoku corporation was with the CEOViews team to share their organization story.

Technological advancements have always given Santoku a competitive edge over similar players in the industry.

The inception of the company

Speaking about how the business was established, Susumu Matsuada said, “We work for the purpose of realizing human safety and reassurance. Learn about disasters in order to confront the four disasters (general, labor, nature, and human) that occur in the environment in which people live. By knowing the fear of a disaster through the experience of a disaster, we guide people to face and respond to the disaster. Through biological science, we think about the human experience process and find ways to improve the effectiveness of each stage. The five senses are reproduced according to the biological characteristics of human beings, and safety and security are ensured by the method of directly touching the human heart. This work will continue to be a challenge until there is no disaster in society. “

The safety and reassurance they work on are the earth where people exist and the environment in which people work. Failures can occur in all places where people are active. Santoku has been studying human sensory reproduction for over 20 years and has studied the effects on the human mind through sensory reproduction. The theme that makes the best use of these is to give people safety and security. They think that few companies provide services that ensure mental safety and security in an environment where people are active.

Getting the edge over competitors

Technological advancements have always given Santoku a competitive edge over similar players in the industry. They immediately create prototypes according to human experience and collect customer opinions through visual experiences. Based on that opinion, they have commercialized a development process and development tools that improve the quality of the experience. Development tools are a means of immediate visualization based on ideas, and the improvement process is called a cyclone. With these methods, the development period is greatly shortened, and the purpose is achieved in a short period of time. In line with the Cyclone philosophy, they will keep making changes to improve the quality of the experience.

Technology trends in the industry

Human safety and reassurance will reform people’s consciousness by directly touching people’s hearts through the five senses. Virtual reality technology that reproduces the senses of sight and hearing, robot technology that generates senses other than sight and hearing, brain chemistry necessary for touching the human mind, and psychology are important. These experiences are technologies gained through joint research with research institutes. Achieve the goal by combining these techniques with experience.

They combine VR, robot technology, brain chemistry, psychology, reliability engineering, and safety technology to design the safety and security measures required by society through human sensibilities. This sensitive design is the most important technology to meet the demands of customers.

Driving innovation within

Santoku management feels that innovations coming out of the organization play a crucial role in their success. In order to realize innovation, they independently elucidate the technologies related to human sensibilities. The human experience process is transmitted through the sensory organs represented by the five senses. When the senses are stimulated, the beast’s reaction causes emotions. Emotions occur according to feelings. Eventually, the mind will occur. They search for and commercialize ways to enhance each of these capabilities. A device that uses and experiences beast-like reactions is a skill training simulator using VR. It is a product that teaches skills with the body while moving the body. Next, it is a VR disaster experience that conveys the fear by experiencing the fear at the time of a disaster with multiple senses and improves the danger sensitivity. They currently offer products that enhance six processes, including these.

Work culture

The work culture at Santoku has a very modern approach. They challenge new technologies and learn through failure. Overcome mistakes through trial and error, train intuition, and learn the power to create new things.

They also develop the means to improve abilities one by one according to the human experience process. Consider a mechanism for forgetting negative experiences in order to maintain the mental safety of people. They maintain a mechanism to maintain safety and security by repeatedly executing the six-experience process for improving ability. They show the concept of a safety integration cycle.

Santoku Corporation is currently selling products mainly in ASEAN, to which they belong. In the future, they are planning to prepare a product demonstration environment, mainly in the United States, and carry out sales activities. At the same time, they plan to start expanding services to India and the Middle East.



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