The global business landscape has been changing constantly. While ease of doing business has improved to a great extent across nations, running a business has been getting more di cult. Entry of new competition, regulations, changing consumer behaviour, increased attritions rates and many others have posed problems to the people on board.

Problems in business are not limited and sometimes in-house resources might run out of options or there might not be anyone present with similar expertise to tackle the situation. This is where management consultants come into the picture to help clients solve complicated business problems.

PTCG is an independent management consultancy boutique that assists clients in their specific business problems related to management control, strategic planning, corporate finance, restructuring, project management, and specific challenges arising from the businesses.


Rita Rodrigues, the Managing Partner of PTCG Consulting, was with the CEO Views team briefing on their journey. The market was almost fully covered by big consultancy companies like the Big 4. However, she along with her co-founder Mario Silva felt that the companies needed and wanted a more dedicated, focused, and customized consultancy or support. After realizing this situation, the PTCG was established with an aim to work with clients in order to fully understand their needs and give them a tailored-made solution. Their aim is to provide excel services to their clients, with full transparency and creating positive impact on them and on their organizations.

PTCG is working on launching a new line of services that combines IT technology with management, but it is too early to go into further details.

Their biggest competitive advantage is the flexibility to work side by side with their clients, identifying their real challenges and helping them to improve their performance and achieve their goals. The founders have worked in PwC, performing financial audits, and also have experience in the Transaction Services department, performing Due Diligences. They have also worked for years in the financial departments and in the management of several companies. Both the founders have several years of experience at the Board of Directors level in different sectors. So, the team has experience in consultancy, but they also know how it is to be on the company side. Currently, one of their founders is still a non-executive Director of NOS, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Portugal.


The services offered by PTCG include: (i) the design of business plans, (ii) support to the financing of clients’ activities, (iii) assistance in business growth or in transformations and (iv) work with their clients to improve the several areas of their organizations namely finance, operations but also help them to implement and take advantages of ESG strategies. All of them are essential at critical stages of the organization and define its long-term strategy. At the moment, they are being requested to support organizations on transformation projects, M&A and to adapt the client’s organization to the ESG. Also, help their customers to implement and improve management control tools and support the decision-making process. PTCG is also helping them in the review of operational processes and the implementation of performance improvement programs in the different phases: in the process identification, in the documentation of the process, and in the identification of possible improvements to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

Their strategy is to help companies to understand their strategic goals, improve operational effciency and drive higher levels of performance while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. They usually have some interviews with key persons in the company and discussions with key customers to develop the strategic plan and align organizational objectives for maximum business results. 90% of companies are poor at executing their strategic plans, and almost every senior leadership team wants to be more effective at strategic execution. Their holistic methodology encourages senior leadership teams to look at their strategic needs as well as the strategic and operating gaps in their business processes and organization.


PTCG works with their clients to prepare them, their teams, and their organizations to transition to a desired future state. Their change management approach consists of planned actions and activities to ensure that benefits are realized, and that time and cost impacts are minimized while developing self-sustaining long-term success mechanisms. The major factor is that the team works with their clients side by side to develop a plan and then implement it to help them overcome the challenges. Rita says, “each client is a specific and special project, and each project requires not only the right people but also the right technology, the right process, the right methodology”.


PTCG is working on launching a new line of services that combines IT technology with management, but it is too early to go into further details. They believe it will be a breakthrough in the market for the service that combines these two essential pillars in future organizations. The management is expecting to launch this new project in the last quarter of 2022, and meanwhile, they will continue to build trust between PTCG and their clients. PTCG started with the trust of their partners and people that know them. And they can’t let them down.

The current goal for PTCG is to grow on a consistent basis. They don’t want to grow very fast without the right basis to do that. For the same reason, they have remained active in hiring experts, but they will never go to the mass-market competition. In the words of Rita, “We want to keep this competitive advantage of the flexibility and the capability to work on tailored-made solutions for our clients. We truly believe that our approach makes a difference in the value creation for our clients”.




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