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The world today depends on the human network that one develops over time. From finding a nanny to look after a child to raising VC funds for a start-up, most of the connections are made with help from the people in our network, and most of those connections are made in person. The same holds true for the business world.

When it comes to staffing, it has always been essential for recruiters to meet new job applicants by networking and attending events, such as job fairs. However, the pandemic has changed the entire scenario of how things used to be, and the future of hiring has clearly shifted to virtual.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, all these physical events have now transitioned into online events. Booth visits are now virtual, and handshakes are replaced by waving your hand on video. While this seems off, it has already become a new norm, and the industry has accepted this open-heartedly. All thanks to the companies like Premier Virtual, who have helped in a smooth transition of offline events to online events.

About Premier Virtual

Premier virtual is one of the companies that has pioneered new opportunities and helped find the solutions for those who require it. Premier Virtual is a multi-functional Software-as-a-Service platform designed to bridge the gap between technology and human interaction. PV has developed custom-built software to facilitate hiring. A virtual recruitment platform that has greater functionality and utility for both job seekers and employers. Premier Virtual’s technology allows for enhanced user analytics and a more personal connection with unmatched ease of use for both the applicants and the employers. This powerful technology can be applied in many ways, allowing PV to license it to organizations for individual company events, recruitment agencies, and schools, as well as non-hiring companies that seek to put on their virtual events.

Premier Virtual’s competitive advantages include:

  • User-friendly
  • Advanced analytics
  • Ability to chat one-on-one or enter a video interview directly through the

Easy to navigate user interface is user-friendly. Virtual hiring rooms have pertinent information like social media, websites, job vacancies, and company information all in one place. It gives the users the ability to live interactive chat and video interview candidates. In-depth analytics offer insight into user behavior, which can track user data by each applicant. The platform provides export capabilities to clients’ CRM and Applicant Tracking Systems, which simplifies hiring employees and removes the headache of converting data into a new system.

How Premier Virtual was born?

Speaking to CEOViews on how it all started, Steve Edwards, Managing Partner and CEO of the Premier Virtual, recalls being in the in-person job fair industry for nearly nine years. He would host an event one day in Miami, the next day in Ft. Lauderdale, and the next day in West Palm Beach. Not only did the travel keep him away from his family, but he also noticed attendance rates continued to drop. People prefer to apply online than to wait in line. He realized there had to be a more efficient way to host events, and that’s when he came across this idea of virtual events. A few platforms were already in the space, but none checked all boxes as a recruiter, so he set out to build his own, and Premier Virtual was born in 2018.

Steve had no previous software development experience and building a platform has been an enormous learning curve, but some things are still the same. As the company started, he faced a lot of challenges and difficulties to reach around the globe. The main challenge was to deliver the best product and provide the best customer support. Edwards overcame all the challenges with his innovative ideas and strategies.

What Premier Virtual does?

For enterprises, hiring challenges remain the same. Every company wants to hire the best possible talent for its open positions. The competition for qualified candidates may rise and fall, but that’s always part of the challenge as well. The real challenge is getting clients to embrace the virtual technology and help them understand that this is the most efficient and effective way to meet, hire and retain high-quality candidates. Once they use the platform, they realize the benefits, and they never go back to in-person only hiring events. As the platform evolves, it offers more features and benefits, cutting downtime to hire and making the overall process better for the recruiter and the job candidates.

Premier virtual is one of the companies that has pioneered new opportunities and helped find the solutions for those who require it.

Premier Virtual is proud to have powered the record-breaking largest job fair in the United States with 1679 companies and over 17,000 candidates. The State of Massachusetts used the Premier Virtual to host their Statewide job fair, with over 46,000 jobs available to the residents of their State. Premier Virtual was also chosen by the US Army to host their annual recruiting days in 2021. Being an Army Veteran himself, Steve thought it was a full circle from him watching laserdiscs to join to now the Army using his platform to help people make the decision he did years ago.

Success Mantra

Premier Virtual continues to evolve to make it easy to host virtual hiring events. Each dashboard in the platform is customized to provide the best user experience possible. It is clear to their clients that technology needs to lead the way, but it’s the people at Premier Virtual that make them so successful. In just about every review on Capterra and G2, their clients can’t say enough about the support they experience. From the moment people become a client, they provide a dedicated account manager to ensure their success. They guide them through the event setup process and provide live support during every event. It’s something that Premier Virtual pride itself on, and it’s clear their clients truly appreciate the effort.

Roadmap for the Future

Speaking to CEOViews about what their plans for the future are, Steve said- “As a virtual software platform, one of the greatest benefits is there are no geographical boundaries. Our technology allows anyone from anywhere to participate, and the same goes for our staff. As far as the platform, we’ve powered events in Europe, Belgium, and Canada and realize that the need abroad may be even greater than here at home since there are fewer options. We will continue to position ourselves as the best virtual hiring event platform on the market and offer our services internationally”.

Premier Virtual has been a ‘Future-Focused’ company, and they always have been challenging themselves to see what can be done better in every aspect of the company, not just tech. They are also in constant communication with their clients, getting their feedback and hosting focus groups. They took all their input, identified where the platform needed updates, rolled all that up to our developers to make it happen. PV clients are very excited about the upgrades, and they have much more planned for the near future. Each upgrade makes the process more efficient and effective, or they don’t approve it.


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