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Education has been an important tool for mankind to impart knowledge, skills, and information. For any individual, it plays an important role in their development as a responsible and knowledgable individual. Education helps an individual to be self-reliant and get rid of the social evils that would further contribute towards the development of society. And there have been various establishments that are working on providing education to everyone like schools, colleges, universities, vocational centres and many.

This has been a traditional story. But when technology comes into the picture, everything disrupts and the same goes for the education industry too. The development of online streaming as well as meetings tools gave rise to the online tutoring space, which now has reached a level where an online degree is deemed to be equal to a traditional degree. Considering how big the education industry is (a whopping $5+ Trillion dollars), the new age online educators are in the race to be a part of this and disrupt the industry entirely. Here we are with one such company that is creating a massive impact with its technology and a great pool of educators to transform the way the world got access to education.


Quality Online Education Group (QOEG) is a Canadian-based company that provides comprehensive online English lessons to K12 students and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test preparation courses around the globe. QOEG is led by a results-driven team of executive strategists and seasoned experts in education. Their focus has been on developing confidence in students so they can be proficient in learning the English language and achieve their academic goals.

Speaking about its inception Xuye Edward Wu, CEO at QOEG says that the company was founded in 2018 with its head office in Toronto, Canada. The Co-founders of the company had the same belief- (a) Education can change the world (b) The best motivation for the development and application of technological innovation is when it is for the betterment of society; to help people in ways that were previously impossible. The latest advances in connectivity and cutting-edge analytics provide the ideal technological bedrock for QOEG to build its rapidly growing Online Education program throughout Southeast Asia – a region that has an incredible hunger for an English-based, North American style teaching curriculum.

Problems they are solving

The biggest headache for a student, a family looking for a true, native English learning experience is doubtlessly the difficulty in finding a quality native English instructor. The dearth of quality English tutors in their target market has also created critical problems for the students who learn it as a language subject. Students in this part never had an opportunity to practice their English communication skills. QOEG is on a mission to solve these problems and wants its students to come out of this mentality. It is encouraging them not to learn English as a subject but also adopt it as a way of communication as well as expression.

Reliance on technology & the USPs

Speaking about the technological trends that are influencing the marketplace, Xuye Edward Wu said that the concept of an online classroom is not a novelty anymore. Further explaining how they have adapted to this he quotes that “What sets us apart is how we have embraced and integrated innovative technologies in providing a cutting-edge virtual English-based learning environment to the other side of the world, especially being able to reach as far and as deep into the more remote regions.

QOEG has experienced and responsible entrepreneurs who value the cost of doing business.

Additionally, with their passion for innovation, they incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to improve each student’s learning experience, and consequently, the student’s results. Through predictive analysis and behaviour learning analysis, they are able to personalise the curriculum package for an individual student to provide optimal learning results. Also, the maturity of listening and speaking AI algorithms that will be able to take different accents and tones into account will be supporting their international expansion.

QOEG has experienced and responsible entrepreneurs who value the cost of doing business. They have a successful and proven business model with very low marketing expenses and sales costs compared to other major players in the industry. In fact, their budget in this area is significantly lower than our competitors, and yet their model allows them to easily replicate operations to other cities or countries. They have three tutor bases worldwide, in North America, the Philippines, and South Africa, that are under direct management. In addition to the tutors, these bases also include teams of teaching assistants who support students during the pre-class and post-class sessions.

What lies ahead for QOEG?

From here, the company seems to have a well-planned path for the future. From the beginning, they have invested in technology, and they continue to do so in future. A key initiative in enhancing the platform is to further leverage big data and artificial intelligence. This will improve the ability to identify students’ learning behaviours, with consequential benefits in the personalisation of the learning experience, ultimately maximising the student’s learning results.


With this, they would be focusing on expanding the market to Europe and Southeast Asia and adding different new product lines. They have recently launched an adult learning product and plan to expand their product lines to non-English courses. From the Mergers and Acquisition perspective, they had successfully acquired an online education company in 2020, and they will be looking for the right opportunity to expand. Acting right on their mission statement, they are developing students’ confidence to reach their goals through an enjoyable yet efficient learning experience.


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