Santoku Corporation

In the current global market where it is very much difficult to excel in any one niche, there are companies who have been doing great and established a name for themselves in various industries. Santoku Corporation is one such company that now serve a wide range of industries and proved itself competent in all these.

Introduction to Santoku Corporation

Santoku Corporation is a global company stimulating innovation in all the business processes, with a never-ending strong will for seeking the new frontier. On being recognised as one of the top 50 innovators in the year 2021, CEO Views was with Mr. Susumu Matsuda who is currently serving as Division Director of Information and Technology at the organization. Recalling the days of its inception, it was in 2001 they started developing 3D applications using VR. Initially, VR technology was used only for research purposes, and there were few customers who expected applications using 3D data and they developed applications with high development costs. Since then they have been calling for the use of 3D applications by research institutes, advancing activities mainly in the field of training simulation, finding several ways to use 3D data for 20 years, and accumulating them as achievements.

Previously, as a semiconductor equipment manufacturer, one had to deal with the problem of mechanical interference between units due to multiple structures of equipment. And in 1990 they introduced 3D CAD and solved the problem with CAD collision simulation. After that, Mr. Matsuda moved jobs to the current company and thought of making effective use of 3D shape data. Focusing on VR technology aimed at effective utilization of 3D data, they have begun to explore the utilization of 3D data.

Problems that Santoku Corp. is solving for its clients

Companies prosper when they solve the unique problems which their target audience is facing. Speaking to CEO Views on the different problems that Santoku Corp. is solving for its clients Mr. Matsuda says that he supports his clients in different stages to ensure their safety. The first step is a skill simulation program that helps the body learn the skills. Next is a will education program to learn how to ensure safety while giving people strong intentions of safety and increasing their risk sensitivity. Finally, they implement a safety improvement program that enhances resilience (the strength of the mind to respond to disasters and the ability to recover after a disaster) that will be effective in the event of a disaster. In this way, they provide comprehensive safety methods according to the level and improve human safety. They also solve the client’s problems while providing consulting according to the client’s situation.

Santoku Corporation is a global company stimulating innovation in all the business processes.

According to him, resilience education is needed to improve disaster response capabilities in order to flexibly respond to disasters that occur on the earth. They have commercialized an online DIG (Disaster Imagination Game) simulator for this mechanism. With this product, they make a list of disaster occurrence patterns, information is distributed to each terminal of cooperating members by virtual execution, and disaster scenarios are automatically advanced according to the purpose. This allows Them to run a coping simulation. Through the experience of the simulation, one can effectively understand how to deal with it.

Plans on paper for Santoku Corporation

As a matter of focus, the company wants to ensure the safety of people and the earth. They will continue to provide society with a means of ensuring safety. Evolved VR is an education that directly touches a

person’s heart and ensures safety. This method overcomes the language barrier, appeals to the hearts of people, and guides them in the direction of ensuring safety. Their products are a method that can be used across ethnic and regional boundaries, and they will continue to provide products overseas. At the same time, in order to expand their services, they will seek out collaborators who sympathize with their safety philosophy from around the world and expand their activities.

As an organization, Santoku Corp. will continue to disseminate safe and efficient information in the future through the construction of safety systems. Communi- cation provides an efficient and direct emotional mechanism. It keeps people’s peace of mind and appropriately controls the senses that directly affect the mind according to the biological mechanism of the person.


In the words of Matsuda, the key point to maintain safety is to build a mechanism to convey disaster cases, coping methods, safety ideas, and education to teach society human wisdom, and to share information. Santoku Corporation is creating a system to record disasters as social infrastructure in a database and browse them throughout society. We as a society need a network-linked that effectively conveys information to each region on the earth.

Currently, in search of a technology that conveys emotions in a way that prevents mental disability, Mr. Matsuda feels that this project needs to comprehensively integrate various knowledge such as medicine, biology, ethics, cognition, psychology, nerves, sensibilities, robotics, and requires collaborators with specialized knowledge. He firmly believes that better communication and efficient education would help mankind prosper and help in maintaining human safety.


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