What is it about ND SatCom that sets it apart, landing it on the list of “Top 30 Most Admired Companies to Watch 2019”? Quite simply, it excels at delivering end-to-end satellite communication solutions for some of the most challenging customer needs. ND SatCom’s long-standing commitment to technical excellence (quality, reliability, security and innovation) coupled with customer centricity and high satisfaction are the backbone of its competitive advantage and growth strategy. Its current leadership has injected dynamism and organizational strength whilst initiating a collective commercial-focused approach: launching new branding and targeted customer approach, cross selling, and establishing local footprints in untapped markets.

It has been over 30 years since ND SatCom started offering satellite-based broadband VSAT modems to organizations that often operate in hard-to-reach places and require satellite communication to conduct or expand business. Today, ND SatCom develops innovative solutions and services for broadcast, government, enterprise and defence customers through an array of options: wide-area satcom networks, smaller corporate networks, satellite news gathering vehicles, antenna subsystems, and communications on the move. The company continually invests in proprietary development through its in-house R&D department, and is particularly proud of its highly sought-after SKYWAN technology, a state-of-the-art MF-TDMA VSAT system for establishing wide-area corporate networks. SKYWAN has the technical capability and flexibility to be adapted to any customer’s need. In keeping abreast of change, ND SatCom integrated SKYWAN with LTE as the forerunner to the 3GPP 5G cellular telecommunication standard. With today’s technology, ND SatCom can offer our customers solutions that are even very successful with the upcoming 5G technology.

By developing advanced technical solutions for satellite communication, ND SatCom has been solidifying its position in certain markets as well as expanding its presence internationally, from Asia to Latin America, the Middle East to Africa. It has also looked for cross-selling opportunities that span its business units. For example, over the years, ND SatCom has successfully implemented its technology and approach to the customer in the critical air traffic control (ATC) sector and is recognized as the premium supplier to this market. In another case, ND SatCom was able to use its experience in the defence sector and transfer know-how to the broadcast arena. Both sets of clients needed a connectivity solution to communicate from wherever they are. ND SatCom´s answer was to create the satellite communications on the move, thus allowing a recent client, South Africa’s major broadcaster, to transmit news in a timely manner from anywhere in the field.

As a holistic solution provider, ND SatCom offers complete turnkey solutions for its customers. It not only provides the hardware to the client, but also provides regular “agile” software releases that incorporate specific customer demands as well as advancements in the market. The company’s in-house R&D team has deep knowledge and experience to address unique customer needs and tailor flexible solutions. “The hubless mesh technology gives the customer a scalable solution that can grow with the network as it is required” said Alexander Mueller-Gastell, CEO, ND SatCom.

As part of its growth strategy, ND SatCom has turned from a technically focused company to a commercially focused one. “We were already technologically strong but needed to broaden our global commercial presence,” observed Alexander. ND SatCom began concentrating on specific regions and establishing local footprints. The company built established subsidiaries in Dubai, China and Senegal, and has been expanding in the Asia Pacific region and especially Africa where many opportunities exist. The company is also focused on expanding its product portfolio and is working on a complementary mobile terminal solution.

In mirroring the resounding success of its inaugural open house event this year, the future does indeed look bright for ND SatCom and underscores why CEO Views selected it as an admired company to watch.


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