Mankind’s’ love for food has been there for eternity. This love for food has brought various changes worldwide. Also, it is a thing to notice that these food habits change for every 50-100km you travel. Such diversity has always excited the foodies worldwide who crave novelty for their taste buds.

Burmese cuisine is a popular food type in Southeast Asia and is catching up with the American market rapidly. The lip-smacking taste of their dishes oozing with tangy taste makes anyone on this planet go crazy. However, there are not many authentic services offering this cuisine worldwide. Moe is on a mission to address this issue with their efforts.

Aye Maye, the founder of Moe, was with the CEOViews team to share their story of how their love of food turned them into an entrepreneur.


Aye Maye went to Canada and felt difficulty in finding their cultural food items in nearby retail stores. Not only are Myanmar food items not on retail shelves in North America, but very few people know about Myanmar and its delicacies. People are not aware of Myanmar foods and concern over the quality of imported products are two of the main reasons why Myanmar food items are not on the shelves. To introduce Myanmar authentic and new fusion foods to multicultural consumers in North America and the rest of the world, Moe (Myanmar Foods Manufacturer) was created. As a first step, Moe introduced Myanmar unofficial national food called “Mohhingar”. This healthy and hearty fish soup is served with rice noodles and some other toppings such as cilantro, lime juice, fish sauce, and vegetable tempuras.

Moe has worked and done a lot of R&D to extend shelf-life, easy to prepare for consumers while maintaining the authentic taste. Moe Mohhingar is the first to use the canning process for this sauce. Moe started developing their own products every year. At present, Moe has produced eight new products ready to go throughout North America and Global.


As a start-up, there are so many things to work on with limited resources. Moe strategically utilizes the resources for product development and the establishment of a value chain. It is very important to build connections with the main retail chains that will link the products to wholesale and retail shelves. Moe made a great effort to build the system to connect and get into the main retail chain streams.

Moe (Myanmar Foods Manufacturer) is a purpose-driven company; its purpose is to bring Myanmar Cultural Delicacies to the world.

Moe (Myanmar Foods Manufacturer) is a purpose-driven company; its purpose is to bring Myanmar Cultural Delicacies to the world. Moe is dedicatedly working hard to achieve the purpose. The team is trying very hard to develop and bring their authentic Myanmar foods to the North American market. With great efforts and determination, Moe was able to share the food culture and provide authentic and fusion foods to all consumers who are willing to explore new tastes and add new food vocabulary to their daily meals. Moe always strives for creating new easy to prepare products with the best quality. Therefore, Moe’s core values are authenticity, quality, simplicity, and sustainability. Moe also committed a good cause of donation to humanitarian aid in Myanmar.


Food is an essential and integral part in everyone’s daily life. Consumers are always looking for new foods to explore new tastes and new multicultural dishes. A growing number of multicultural consumers, globalization of flavors and dietary cultures, and the rise of the Millennial Generation are major drivers of increasing demand for new multicultural and fusion foods. Multicultural and fusion foods bring cultural and culinary experiences to global consumers by bridging the connectedness with global culinary cultures and increasing the knowledge and the exaltation of the different food cultures and their authentic flavors.

There are no Myanmar cultural food items on retail shelves in North America, Europe, or the rest of the world. Moe Myanmar food products will fill this market gap. Their products are the first in North America and across the globe that comply with the high standards of North America’s food safety regulatory environment. Their products are culturally rich, healthy, and hearty dishes, are high in fiber, iron, and protein, and loaded with antioxidants. There is a huge potential to go global and expand their customer base significantly.


Speaking about the work culture at Moe, Aye Maye said, “Honesty and creativity are the two main things we value most. We always keep the relationship with our clients open and honest. We discuss and proceed with a project creatively to meet clients’ needs. The more upfront and transparent with our clients, the more likely we will keep our relationship stronger. Honesty is the best value we give to our clients, and we nurture those relationships as much as possible.”


Moe currently is trying to get onto retail shelves across North America – Canada, the US, and Mexico. Next, the team is interested in expanding to Europe and the Middle East. Then, Moe Myanmar food products will expand their footprint to Asia, Africa, and the rest of the world.


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