Incidentally, the coronavirus pandemic has reversed much of that trend, as it kept more people at home and away from other sources of entertainment. The turbulent stock market also caused more people to see opportunities. Thanks to the new age trading platforms like Vantage, people are now more informed and secure about investing.

Vantage is an award-winning, multi-asset broker headquartered in Sydney with over ten years of market experience. Marc Despallieres, Chief Strategy and Trading Officer of Vantage was with the CEOViews team to share the company’s journey.


Vantage was founded with the singular focus of providing a reliable, seamless trading ecosystem for traders. Armed with this mission, the team worked together to gain the trust of traders, providing round the clock individualized customer support and building the business from the ground up, one customer at a time.

Since then, the business has grown by leaps and bounds. They now operate in 172 countries, with more than 1,000 employees in over 30 global offices. They continue to take pride in providing traders with lightning-fast execution, razor-thin spreads, supported by a great customer support team. Traders in Australasia, Asia-Pacific, the UK and Europe today can access a range of markets through the powerful MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, as well as WebTrader and their mobile app.

Historically, Vantage had been a largely FX-focused business. In recent years, they noticed a growing number of younger investors choosing to trade on their own, omitting the need for a middleman or an introducing broker. In November 2021, they made the decision to remove FX from their name, repositioning the company to reflect its expanded range of trading products and instruments while meeting the growing latent demand for direct access to trading markets.

Catering to the trends in the market

The biggest trend in the past few years has been the wide acceptance of crypto trading. Prior to the crypto crash in May 2022, the combined market capitalization of digital currencies had reached giddying heights of over $3 trillion. This trend underpins a shift in the trading demographic. People at Vantage make it their priority to understand and adapt to these young traders and cater their product offering to their needs while adequately addressing the trading risks involved. This is also why they offers CFDs to more than 30 cryptocurrencies, with more to be added in the future.


Driving innovation within

Unencumbered by legacy systems and practices, Vantage has the ability to be nimble, innovative, and adaptable while remaining closely in touch with its clients’ needs. Adding more on how they nurture innovations, Despallieres said, “As a group, our team works in an environment that is built on a culture of innovation. We regularly host brainstorming sessions, where team members are invited to bring new creative ideas, key visual designs, and new promotion ideas to the table. The best ideas will then be implemented company-wide.”

These innovations have led to the introduction of their proprietary Vantage App, as well as enhancements to the client portal that includes a rating system. This new feature will capture clients’ remarks, suggestions, and feedback and ensure their voice is heard and their suggestions get implemented into business operations.

Leveraging technology to aid clients

At Vantage, they operate with the single focus of enabling traders to trade the way they want and help them manage their risk as effectively as possible. Speaking more on what steps they have taken on the technology front, Despallieres said, “As such, we have chosen to partner with the best-in-class trading technology providers in the market. For starters, Vantage is one of the few global brokers to have custom-built a proprietary mobile app that makes trading more accessible to traders of all experience levels, called the Vantage App. It is not just fit for purpose, it is visually stunning, feature-packed, and an absolute joy to use, from account opening to your first trade.”

At the same time, they have partnered with MetaQuotes to provide their clients with the powerful and ever-popular MT4 and MT5 platforms, as well as their own custom-built Smart Trader tools suite. They are also constantly innovating their platform offering, working with Trading Central to provide daily technical analysis setups and FX trading signals directly to their inbox. They have also collaborated with TradingView to provide clients with the convenience of trading directly from their technical charts.

Work culture

At Vantage, they value transparency, accountability, and integrity. They maintain an open feedback system between staff and management to keep communication lines open. This has helped them to remain connected with the staff around the world and keep work satisfaction high, and this has translated into the way in which they treat customers.

Indeed, for global businesses like Vantage, diversity is the secret ingredient of success. With their employees hailing from different countries, different cultures, different backgrounds, and stories, they understand the importance of building a corporate culture of acceptance, inclusion, and celebration of every individual.

Roadmap for the future

Having started its business in Australia, Vantage has expanded across the globe and built a strong presence in the UK and APAC regions. Right now, they are seeing positive momentum across all the key global markets and are working to build our presence in emerging markets where there is a strong demand for reputable and regulated brokers.

They had exponential growth in the MENA region and were pleasantly surprised when they received three awards from the International Business (IB) Magazine – a Middle East Awards Platform. This was a huge affirmation of their effort to provide a reputable and reliable trading service for the clients in the MENA region and beyond.


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