Datapro, Inc

Datapro, Inc. is one of the world’s premier financial solution companies providing the most advanced Core Banking system: e-IBS®. For over four decades, Datapro with their e-IBS Core Banking solution helps financial institutions operate more efficiently and deliver high levels of customer care. e-IBS® provides a robust proven back-office system of record with unparalleled use of the latest technologies.

Datapro, strongly believes technology is the key for functional product creativity. This enables a short time to market for regulatory, compliance, and accounting needs globally. Through a comprehensive portfolio of integrated products e-IBS® is designed to meet the challenges confronting bankers today. The e-IBS® system is currently installed with over 160 customers in 31 countries across the USA, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Europe.

Bankers are the most important resource on the Datapro staff. Bankers build solutions by knowing what bankers need, this is the strength of e-IBS®. Datapro’s employees are in tune with the latest changes and constantly working on innovating new services and products. Partnership with its customers continues to push Datapro to innovate. Datapro’s mobile banking platform is an example of leading innovation that enables our clients to be industry pioneers. Our staff of bankers clearly understand the challenges of our clients and can provide a solution that fits the customers need.

“The strength of our banking experience allows us to deploy agile development methods for faster product delivery. Datapro maintains a personal engagement with our customer throughout the use life of our solutions“ says Ricardo R. Montero, CEO, Datapro, Inc.

With a singular focus on the banking/financial services sector, Datapro leverages cutting-edge technologies and hands-on expertise to simplify banking processes. The e-IBS® system is designed to manage the processes from data management and customer relationship functions to national/international regulatory compliance. Datapro keeps bank internal IT simple and allows easy integration with legacy systems. Datapro delivers reliable, flexible, and easy-to-manage products developed for the banking industry by bankers. Development of e-IBS® Open Banking is an example of how Datapro works in partnership with our customers.

Open banking is the ability for the bank to present new products and services through API integration with various FinTech’s. By enabling API connectivity, the bank can transform the interaction  with FinTech’s, other banks, and with consumers as well. Through open banking Datapro provides the  API tools to connect banks to FinTech’s. This allows bank clients to benefit from e-wallets, instant payments, cryptocurrencies, micro-lending and to expose any FinTech’s service. Open Banking offers a quick and easy solution to provide bank clients with the latest bank and non-bank product offerings.

The strength of our banking experience allows us to deploy agile development methods for faster product delivery. Datapro maintains a personal engagement with our customer throughout the use life of our solutions.

Based on this industry trend, Datapro has focused on providing an Open Digital Bank suite. Our Open Digital Bank Suite covers the institutions needs for rolling out a completely digitally system that uses open APIs to interact with providers outside the bank.

The Open Banking Suite offers the following modules:

Mobile Banking

  • Onboarding
  • Security and Biometrics Electronic Wallet Chatbot
  • Data Warehouse
  • API Integration Engine

These modules provide the components that financial institutions need to be a first class Open Digital Bank. e-IBS® is an easy-to-implement, secure and modern solution applying the principles of open banking through our exposed APIs.

Datapro provides important options for the deployment of the e-IBS® Core Banking system. Traditionally, banks have installed the e-IBS® system on their premise at their physical computer data center. This implementation requires the bank to service, update and maintain the hardware used for the e-IBS® system. Early on Datapro understood the benefit of a SaaS hosted offering for banks. SaaS provides maximum flexibility, excellent uptime and substantial cost advantages over an on-premises deployment. Today banks prefer the SaaS approach with strong SLAs and lower overheads. Datapro offers a robust and secure SaaS hosting solution through its sister company, Global Outsourcing Services. Banks see an important value in working directly with Datapro’s effective SaaS platform.

Datapro will continue to lead the industry by providing banks the latest in functionality and technology. Datapro promotes innovation in core banking by developing Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Recognition, Biometrics, Smart Contracts, and API Development. Innovation is at the heart of Datapro’s leadership in Core Banking.


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