doeLEGAL leverages its 50-year+ experience to remain proactively engaged with the legal community to address their most significant challenges. Legal teams, both corporate and law firms, require advanced technology to help manage the increasing volume of data available. doeLEGAL helps legal professionals manage their cases and costs more effectively from anywhere, which enables attorneys and their staff to focus on the business of law. doeLEGAL (a Questel company) provides Legal Operations technology solutions that provide innovative technology to manage their IP, eDiscovery, and legal spending from one provider. With the lion’s share of invoices and business data in one location, legal teams have seen performance increases of up to 65% by eliminating manual inputs, automating processes, and intelligently delivering answers to complex questions. “Providing the tools to integrate disparate data into one collaborative place answers the client’s need for a comprehensive solution that can guide their teams through the IP innovation lifecycle and management of cases. Our parent company, Questel, is an IT company that shares our tech culture DNA with a strong focus on customer success. Together, we are uniquely capable of delivering value on a global scale,” says Bruce Kuennen, President & CEO of doeLEGAL.

doeLEGAL is positioned as one of the top five legal technology solution providers. Along with Bruce’s experience and leadership serving the legal community, his career contributions to product development, feature roadmap planning, and strategic messaging elevates doeLEGAL’s value to a global legal market. The next evolution of legal technology must solve problems today and into the future without requiring costly upgrades or heavy software customization. Keenly aware of the future path of legal technology solutions, Bruce’s sales experience, business acumen, and contributions to solution development elevate the value doeLEGAL provides and will accelerate its growth and expansion.

doeLEGAL is constantly evolving to provide the most effective legal technology available. Clients recognize and appreciate this dynamic as they face more challenges. doeLEGAL and Questel develop legal technology solutions and services that improve the business of law by relieving Legal teams’ common pain points of inefficiency, high cost, and lack of data accessibility. doeLEGAL focuses on technology solutions that make the work easier to accomplish, and Questel provides expert knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and managing big data. AI and Active Learning (AL) capabilities are certainly taking center stage in the Legal market. Offering samples to learn from and making intelligent choices on the larger volume of complex documents adds improved efficiency and significant cost savings. AL Processing and culling of unresponsive or duplicate documents during litigation eDiscovery lower review burdens without sacrificing accuracy. doeLEGAL’s services incorporate robust AL technology to help clients lower their eDiscovery costs by as much as 50%.


Another legal trend is the development of Automated Legal Advice programs. Greater access to legal advice is a positive shift; however, the need for attorneys’ experience and their ability to associate relevant precedents in a case will remain a required skill. Because these automated services will not replace attorneys, doeLEGAL provides the technology solutions that make their work more effective and efficient. Legal Operations is a trend that is remaining strong as more businesses seek greater efficiency and cost-effective processes. This relatively new area of the corporate legal department focuses on the business of law. Legal Ops manages reports measuring costs of outcomes, tracking actual vs. budgeted costs, and assigning the best resource to a task. doeLEGAL’s end goal is to make this work more accessible and easier to complete for legal professionals by displaying deeper insights on user-friendly graphical dashboards. Smart data, intelligently delivered, shows the near-real-time data Legal Ops teams require to manage their tasks efficiently. Clients report that doeLEGAL technologies provide an increase in legal performance by as much as 65%.

Questel and doeLEGAL share the legal market for some solutions. The IP and Legal Service markets have similar needs and requirements, which allows both teams to collaborate to provide a combined solution that meets further needs of the legal department. Drawing on the vast experience of Questel’s and doeLEGAL’s solution experts, both companies can offer a more comprehensive solution package to their global clients. A recent review of doeLEGAL clients showed that an average of 60% of all legal invoices are IP-related, but it accounts for only 20% of the total legal spend. That opens opportunities for process improvement using advanced automation. Clients benefit from working with one technology provider to get real-time answers, mine deeper data insights, and optimize the management of legal functions. Clients are pleased that the added capabilities will help lessen their workload, reduce legal spending, and allow them to focus more time on their cases.

doeLEGAL’s corporate mission is to deliver advanced legal technology and elevated support to provide legal teams with anytime, anywhere control of cases and costs to make better decisions and drive successful outcomes. As a Questel company, clients now have the opportunity to manage their entire legal innovation lifecycle from one company as well. doeLEGAL shares Questel’s client-focused business culture, and that has made for a dramatic transformation in how they approach market opportunities. Clients want the best solution tailored to fit their unique needs, so doeLEGAL experts take the time to get to know their business processes first. Only then can experts apply their vast expertise and business knowledge to develop the best plan to meet and exceed those needs. Putting clients first has helped doeLEGAL evolve into a highly responsive and innovative team. “Questel and doeLEGAL both have a highly experienced team of industry experts. The combined knowledge of any possible problem along with valuable, working solutions is how we continue to differentiate ourselves in the market. Great solutions require the best client service experts, developers, and technicians supporting them; that’s where doeLEGAL’s value is truly demonstrated,” said Scott Miller, doeLEGAL’s Marketing Director.

When seeking the best approach to leverage new technologies in the market, doeLEGAL set up an internal and external team to better understand the available options that clients expect in the next generation of ELM solutions. This approach made the clients happy to provide feedback while doeLEGAL shared their planned initiatives for the year. Being included in the roadmap discussions, users felt empowered from being heard and provided valuable advice. Other Questel companies have additional technologies that will be integrated into the current Ascent Legal Tech solutions to answer further needs. By working within the same Questel portfolio companies – data streams, teams, and software are being combined to enhance all solutions.

Questel companies enjoy a collaborative sense of unity and strength. doeLEGAL is honored to have become a member of a dynamic and growing company in the Legal Tech space. Innovation starts at the top. Questel encourages each doeLEGAL employee to take opportunities to develop new processes to handle tasks, take chances on new solutions to challenges, and drive internal changes to better the whole organization. The internal development paths extend to other companies in the Questel portfolio to learn more by experiencing additional solutions outside of the Legal Tech market. Working with a truly global team, doeLEGAL will continue to evolve and implement new technologies that support the Legal community.


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