Stealth – ISS Group® Inc. (Stealth Group) was founded in 2002 when cybersecurity was still known as ‘IT Security’ and protecting companies was pretty much limited to installing firewalls. Since then, cyber criminals have quickly advanced and firewalls by themselves no longer offer adequate protection. Stealth Group stays ahead of the quick advancement of cyber threats with their multi-dimensional approach to securing organizations. As cybersecurity becomes a GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) mandate on both industry and government levels, companies are making cybersecurity a business imperative and Stealth Group are primed and ready to deliver.

Stealth Group’s unique proposition is that they go beyond the basics and take a multi-dimensional approach to cybersecurity, coining this the “6 Dimensions of Cybersecurity”. “Being secure is not just a compliance check box exercise for us. We understand both the breadth and depth of cybersecurity, we are engineers and consultants at heart, and we get hands-on keyboard when asked – from assessments and architecture through to forensics,” says Robert Davies, Stealth Group’s CEO “But we don’t stop there, we deliver across 6 dimensions of cyber.”

Stealth Group’s 6 Dimensions of Cybersecurity:

  • As you would expect – the ‘Delivery’ dimension, from Assessment thru Forensics
  • The transformational dimension – People, Process, Technology
  • The organizational context – your specific and unique business operations
  • Business vertical – GRC guides or mandates specific to your industry
  • Risk vs Cost – very few companies prioritize remediation in terms of risk vs cost
  • The future – Dark web, Blockchain, IoT, AI, quantum – and their potential impact on your company

“This approach has brought us much repeat business, and won us awards including consecutive years in the Inc.500 list” added Davies.

One of the main challenges that organizations face today is simply knowledge and education. Most companies are aware of a need for ‘something cybersecurity’, but they have no clue on what to do next. Unlike many of their competitors, Stealth Group works with each customer’s unique business operations configuration and priorities, delivering tailored but affordable solutions. “We do not have one size solution that fits all, because every company is unique and needs a unique set of solutions” adds Davies.

Knowing that every customer faces their own unique threats, Stealth Group remains vendor agnostic in order to provide their customers with the best solutions for their problem. Stealth Group stays educated on the best tools and technology available on the market, and only offers their customer the most appropriate ones for their context.

Their tailored delivery of cybersecurity solutions coupled with years of experience has been a win-win for the Group and their clients. One example was when Stealth Group was invited to assess the security and technology posture of the IT Operations division a global investment banking firm, and deliver a Target Operating Model across the dimensions of People, Process and Technology. Stealth Group developed a design and plan that delivered huge synergies across the globe. It helped standardize their customer’s technology platforms, identified gaps in their security posture, advised on a Target Staffing Model, and standardized their processes and procedures, vastly improving client audit scores and saving a significant amount of expenditure. The Stealth ‘win’ was to be invited back to deliver a similar exercise specifically for the IT Security department globally.

Stealth Group, head-quartered in Arlington, Virginia, opened a new Federal office in Huntsville, Alabama in early 2019. Since the opening, the company’s unique approach to cybersecurity has won them multiple Federal and State projects. However, the company is not bounded by country lines. Stealth Group is an International entity and also has an office in London, mainland Europe and representation in the Middle East, so we can collaborate with you on your pain points wherever they may be. We help you Get Sharp, Get Serious, and Get Safe.


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