We live in a world that is continually changing due to technological advancements in every field. The ability of a company to undertake ‘real’ business transformation by repositioning its business model in response to changing market conditions is critical to success. Companies that continuously adapt their technology, processes, and people’s mindsets to new market conditions at very short notice are generally the leaders in their fields.

Companies like In2Networks are helping businesses adapt to these trending technologies and grow their businesses. Hayder Ali, CEO of In2Networks, was with the CEOViews team to share details on how they are helping businesses transform in the digital-first world and the impact they are creating.


Motive behind starting up

When Hyder first assessed the IT&T market, he discovered that businesses operating in this field lacked a full embrace of technologies that went beyond the realm of just IT. Studies showed that ICT has the biggest impact on innovation in products, services, and processes, yet many businesses weren’t benefiting because they needed to learn how to ensure a comprehensive implementation. He wanted to bring the true integration of computing, broadcasting, and telecommunications. Their mission at In2Networks at the onset was to help businesses make the most of the ICT solutions in the market.

Breeding innovation

The management team at In2Networks develops their team’s creativity and innovation by creating training programs to expand their knowledge base constantly. Additional areas of training and projects include team collaboration, drawing on previous experiences, and working on self-awareness. Developing and improving problem-solving skills includes using a strategic framework, practicing persistence, and questioning standard practices. Their teams undergo regular training to develop these skills. They learn to focus on the solutions, adapting the 5 Whys to defining problems, simplifying things, thinking laterally, and brainstorming to list as many solutions as possible.

What’s important for innovation

For any organization’s success, it is crucial that they remain competitive in the market with their innovation. Speaking about what’s paramount for an organization to be innovative, Hyder said, “The answer to this question comes down to human and technical skills. In the area of human skills, the answer would be quite long. This list should at least include critical thinking, complex problem solving, team coordination, people management, cognitive flexibility, organization, analytical abilities, project management skills, and service orientation. ICT teams and businesses must also demonstrate skills in IT security, programming, data analysis, systems and networks, cloud computing, and machine learning.”

Solar-powered Security Surveillance Trailer Systems that In2Network has designed have been their driver of success. This was manufactured and installed for government clients overseas. They have also been so actively involved in technology innovation solutions in different industries that it would take time to pinpoint a single course of action. They have been working with both private and government sectors, innovating and creating new solutions across the spectrum. One of the most important of these has been cybersecurity, with In2Networks’ SOC developed with only the best technologies that can better serve organizations from various industries and sizes.

Addressing challenges

Challenges are an integral part of any business. But people at In2Networks have been able to tackle them without much hassle. Technology selection is a major challenge that they have faced over the years. Their experience and knowledge have helped them make the right technology choices for the clients, leading to architecture development and implementation.

Another area where they have faced major challenges is building client trust and overcoming lackadaisical services provided by the previously managed IT service providers to their clients. Many of their potential clients have been relying on such lackluster services. In2Networks saw both opportunity and challenge in such an environment. They identified and addressed immature cybersecurity, subpar customer support and service, absence of strategic advice, and lack of proper standards and procedures. The good thing is they have overcome these challenges by promoting their key strengths in these areas.

Techstack at In2Networks

In2Networks has implemented an IT Service Desk that serves the core of their business to support the organizations they work with today. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, they implement solutions using Microsoft technologies for the Security of Modern Work, Business Applications, Data and AI, and Infrastructure. As a managed service provider (MSP), their team is extensively involved with many clients daily. Other technologies in their firm include a Service portal for Veeam Backup for Office 365 (both on Cloud and on-premises), Project management, CRM, and Accounting Mobile apps for Apple and Android.

One of the most important technologies that they have invested in is cybersecurity. They have implemented Cybersecurity solutions both in-house and with their partners. The technology has enabled them to best serve their clients’ business data security requirements, a critical technology area that most business owners/managers need to pay attention to. Some of the other key technologies that have helped empower their clients and thus grow their business include Microsoft Technologies, IBM ReaQta, ThreatDefence, IndigoVision, EOS, MS Azure, MS 365, MS Teams, Cisco, and 3CX Systems, to name a few.

Client Portfolio

In2Networks has catered to the managed IT needs of Government organizations, Educational institutions, Commercial businesses, and Not-for-Profit organizations. They provide support and services to different government agency departments in the areas of education, oil and gas, medicine, procurement, and others to manage their IT functions. Similarly, they have deep industry experience across other sectors as mentioned earlier.

Future trends

The future of global businesses is being defined by technology today. Speaking about what we can expect in the future, Hyder said, “AI is a big thing, both in the present and future. We expect it to find its way into our industry in one or the other way. In terms of market trends, we see a future where businesses and their managed IT services teams will work closely together with deeper levels of integration. The top priority would be implementing Cybersecurity measures. Despite its critical nature, IT security has received a slow uptake over the past couple of decades. More businesses are now taking relevant cybersecurity technologies more seriously.”

New technologies and new client ICT challenges are emerging every day. Building deeper integrations with client IT infrastructure can help develop ideas for the improvement of businesses, and that is what In2Networks will focus on for the days to come.

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