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Digital transformation is the essential bridge between the business of today and the business of tomorrow. While digital investments are increasing, digital return in the form of growth and competitive advantage continues to elude us. Companies must reimagine their primary processes, infrastructure, and experience to fulfill digital transformation goals.

Managing Information Systems 3 Inc. (MIS3 Inc.) is a privately held Canadian organization specializing in Business Transformation through IT Modernization, providing a 360-degree view of IT with an application-centric philosophy. Neil Mistry, Founder & CEO of MIS3 Inc., was with us to share details about their business.

MIS3 Inc. provides a proven IT Modernization framework aligned to the four core pillars of Digital Transformation to enable every organization to change proactively.

The vision of the organization

MIS3 Inc. guides its clients in understanding the business value, new and emerging next-generation technology platforms provide to achieve secure digital transformation. MIS3 Inc. strives to be a strategic business & technology partner for its clients by providing thought leadership in business transformation through the adoption of IT modernization. Focused on helping clients reduce their technology footprint and moving towards IT operational simplicity, MIS3 Inc.’s specialization is centered on providing innovative, disruptive technologies that have business relevance for every organization.

MIS3 provides a core set of business and technology solutions for businesses and governments at all levels. The combination of consulting and professional services, alongside the architecture, design, resale, and implementation of new and emerging next-generation advanced technologies, put them in a league of their own.

Secure Digital Strategy through IT Modernization

MIS3 Inc. provides a proven IT Modernization framework aligned to the four core pillars of Digital Transformation to enable every organization to change proactively. Running existing applications and infrastructure must modernize from the inside out to gain a competitive advantage and stay current.

They are business and technology thought leaders across Canada. Their people, approach, and execution make them unique alongside their Transformational IT approach, which unifies business with IT. MIS3 Inc’s innovation journey has constantly been evolving and exciting. They come across new projects and challenges and provide creative solutions to help existing clients and

new prospects solve some of their most daunting IT and business obstacles to help reimagine their businesses.

Approach toward the client’s business

Speaking about their approach in solving business problems Neil said, “We understand the delicate balance and connection within any organization between people, process, and technology. We provide the balance in IT regarding co-existing while developing a digital transformation framework and adopting an IT modernization strategy to drive toward business outcomes.”


Digital Transformation is about identifying techniques or processes that aren’t being serviced to their maximum capacity and how alternate solutions can be applied to digitize or streamline technology to gain market share further, increase revenue and customer satisfaction or reduce inefficient expenditure.

Tactical IT

In this segment, MIS3 Inc. sells technology and helps businesses run their existing applications using current technology platforms and investments. Life cycle management for the client’s existing infrastructure and immediate needs focusing on; Hardware & Software, Professional Services, and Support

Operational IT

MIS3 Inc. provides professional services, helping clients get the most out of their applications and infrastructure investments by providing technology architectural thought leadership.

MIS3 Inc. provides professional services around all moves, adds, and changes across your data center infrastructure, including networking, security platforms, and public cloud optimization.

  • Healthchecks
  • Assessments
  • Implementations
  • Migrations

Transformational IT

Rethink the perimeter and place no limitations on your employees and customers and extend your customer reach. Learn about the Next Generation IT Service Delivery Model and build a strategy and plan to deliver applications and IT services to business owners with simplicity, speed, and scale, all with governance in mind.

  • IT Modernization Framework
  • Secure Digital Transformation Strategy

Next Generation Infrastructure

We provide thought leadership to business owners and IT leaders around delivering the next generation of IT services and applications with architectural simplicity. Building a private and hybrid cloud requires the adoption of an application approach with a software-defined strategy rather than an infrastructure approach.

MIS3 Inc. helps define and build an Invisible Infrastructure framework focused on three guiding principles:

  1. Make storage invisible
  2. Make virtualization invisible
  3. Make the public cloud invisible

Apart from these, MIS3 Inc. specializes in next-generation cybersecurity and IT solutions making business more solid and secure.

Trends in technology

The global technological scenario has been changing rapidly, and it has become inevitable for companies to adapt to these changes. Neil said that when asked about the changes they see in their current areas, “There are many, from passwordless authentication and security to next-gen VPN, cyber maturity tools, and automated data center operations. We see the main one around ETL – ELT modernization for data analytics and workflow process automation. The amount of data we generate and collect continues to balloon exponentially.”

MIS3 Inc. now has increasingly sophisticated tools that enable them to use data to gain real insights into business and customers. The traditional data warehouse infrastructure can’t scale to hold and process that much data–at least not cost-effectively and promptly. The cloud is the only place to do it if one wants to perform high-speed, sophisticated analytics and intelligence on all of their data. Cloud data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery can scale up and down infinitely to accommodate virtually any amount of data.

Using the combined prowess of these technologies, MIS3 Inc. is trying to empower future businesses to become global superpowers.

We provide thought leadership to business owners and IT leaders around delivering the next generation of IT services and applications with architectural simplicity.

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