Gyrus Systems was established in the year 1987 and is one of the pioneers in the Learning Management System Industry. Since the early days, it has been consistently providing innovative learning technology solutions to companies big and small. Gyrus has had a great clientele that sincerely believed in its offerings. The mission of Gyrus Systems is to aid companies in providing excellent training and development programs which in turn drives up profitability and success for them. The President and CEO of Gyrus Systems, Viren Kapadia’s journey with Gyrus Systems started in 2009, arguably a very tumultuous economic time in history, a lot of its customers were heavily affected by the upheaval, but the team worked with them closely to accommodate their needs. In its bid to ensure a constant growth curve, the team sowed seeds for the future by investing in three planes – People, Processes, and Technology. Gyrus made the switch from client-based servers to cloud-based applications, and developed technologies to support the process around it, hiring new talent to help our customers achieve success. Above all, Gyrus Systems never stopped innovating. In its quest for a scalable product, Gyrus made a successful transition from client-based servers to a web-based application that anyone with an internet connection and a browser can access globally. GyrusAim, our fifth-generation product, was launched in 2014 after an aggressive growth and development period, and today – it’s considered one of the top 20 LMSs in the market.

Gyrus offers a plethora of features required for an optimal classroom learning experience. The user can schedule, monitor, and offer training through the GyrusAim LMS. Instructor assignments, logistics, and other configurations can also be monitored periodically. LMS is an essential tool for any organization. As much as it is useful, it does face the same challenges every new software faces – user onboarding and acceptance. User onboarding is a multi-faceted hurdle that affects people who are not as comfortable with technology and introducing software can pose a challenge to those clients. To counter that, Gyrus Systems has focused on simplifying its software by providing a personalized onboarding experience with a dedicated Implementation Team making it a smooth seamless experience for customers. Learning Management Systems have the unique ability to act as an actionable content repository, in which you can assign learning object status to a wide arrangement of file types, eLearning, Webinar, host Instructor-led Training (ILT) offerings, and quickly reference all the available learning’s accessible to your organization. Aligning all of this functionality into one place an LMS is truly a powerful offering for any organization. Ultimately reducing time spent in training administration and increase compliance and knowledge of workforce.

Onboarding is the discipline of receiving and integrating new employees into the company to help them become part of the team. Proper onboarding enables them to perform and provide value to the organization. With GyrusAim you can build customized programs to accelerate new-hire connections, pieces of training and assignments, and shorten ramp-up times for your new employees. Successful onboarding will promote faster time-to-performance, increase retention rates, achieve higher employee engagement, reduce stress and sick days, and build a better employer brand and reputation.

Technology is a forever-changing field aiming at helping the users, however, it can get complex at times. GyrusAim LMS works for the user experience to always be smooth and enjoyable, easy to use, and easy to implement. Some of the biggest advancements in this industry are Gamification, Social Learning, LXP and AI-driven learning, and machine learning. Global reach and scalability are also very important. Gyrus Systems achieve this through our partnership with Microsoft Azure. Gyrus operates under the vision of delivering exceptional customer value with innovative learning technology solutions for organizations globally. Gyrus believes the reason behind its growth to be its dedication to innovation and dedication to customer service. It has created an open forum with its customers to bring ideas for improving its product and respond with ongoing enhancements to serve them better. Gyrus Systems aims to have the best product in the world and wants its clients to reap the benefits.

Gyrus Systems distinguishes itself by providing not just the best LMS, but also the easiest LMS to use. GyrusAim LMS has all the advanced features such as Gamification, Social Learning, LXP, AI-driven learning, and machine learning, with a global reach and scalability. Also, user onboarding for its customers is done by a dedicated internal team and not through a third party as with many of the competitors. Outside of user experience, smooth integration with third-party applications and content providers that a company engages with is another one of its goals.

Gyrus offers a plethora of features required for an optimal classroom learning experience. The user can schedule, monitor, and offer training through the GyrusAim LMS.

GyrusAim makes it easy to provide Compliance training required for customer organizations – OSHA, SOX, HIPAA, JCAHO, ISO, FDA, EPA, etc. With simple scheduling, recurrence, and notification options, it can ensure timely deployment and completion of mandated requirements. And comprehensive reporting capabilities provide easy tracking and record-keeping. Gyrus Systems wants its product to connect with its client’s existing applications in a bid to simplify and enhance the user experience. Gyrus Systems is exceeding customer expectations in service setup and implementation as well as ongoing support all over the world. Regardless of its footing in the USA Gyrus’ products have a global impact, and services operations in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and South America.

As people and businesses, all over the world, were starting to get used to the ‘new normal’ of social distancing and remote working to ‘flatten the curve’, governments were implementing new rules to open the economies, and businesses faced a new challenge – the challenge about changed management. With a still largely remote working environment, people are relying on technology for Training and Development (T&D) purposes within the company. An LMS, in a bid to up skill/reskill employees to suit the new working environment, proves to be an effective medium through its inherent features of blended learning, the ease with which it manages training, and the way it ensures the effectiveness of training.


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