The IT services marketplace in general is undergoing rapid changes on the context of global digitalization as newer opportunities are emerging. Organizations need to be quick to capture on to the next trend to gain that competitive edge, else will have to lag behind the race. This apart, the overall global conditions are also experiencing drastic changes like the one in the year 2020. The year 2020 was the year of high volatility. It was also the year of downturn especially for businesses, and organizations did not have any clue as to what to expect amid the ongoing pandemic crisis.

Amid such fluctuating times, what organizations require is a trusted yet an all-encompassing experienced partner who can not only cater to the timely changes and needs, but also excel through the toughest of times. Established in 1999, FPT Software, a part of Vietnam’s leading ICT firm FPT Corporation is one such firm whose founding principle was with a “go global” mind- set. Over the years, FPT Software has pioneered in bringing Vietnamese wisdom to the world by providing young, hard-working, well-trained people in software services, system integration, software development and IT services. Renowned for its high service quality that meets the rigorous demands of leading organizations, and pioneering in technology application along with a World-class software development process, FPT Software leverages young, and well-trained human resources to deliver end-to-end solutions to improve clients’ business operation and performance.

FPT Software embraces a “follow the sun” strategy, which means trying to be as close to customers as possible to support them whenever they are in need.

End-to-End Digital Transformation

“As an end-to-end digital transformation solutions provider, FPT Software not only works with business customers but also their end-us- ers – which vary for different sectors, different companies”, says Pham Minh Tuan, CEO, FPT Software. Besides partnering with leading global IT firms to bring top-notch solutions to big corporates, FPT Software also provides com- prehensive solutions to small and medium enterprises, those with limited IT budget or those taking first steps in digital transforma-tion. The firm’s akaSuite is exactly what Pham describes in his statement. Designed with the sole purpose of helping organizations usher into the next level of digital transformation, akaSuite is an integrated suite of digital tools for turbocharging digital transformation. Integrated with digital technologies such as Blockchain, RPA, Analyt- ics, IoT, AI, Low-code, akaSuite allows companies across several industries (automotive, aviation, manufacturing, BFSI, retail, utilities, etc.) to unlock new value pools, achieve operational excellence, and reimagine experiences in a more effective, economical, and efficient way than ever before. The akaSuite comprises of a pool of outstanding products that include akaChain – blockchain-backed enter- prise platform, akaBot – comprehensive RPA solution, and akaMES – digital manufacturing platform, which have been recognized with both local and international awards for the innovation and exceptional values they bring to customers.

Demonstrating Innovation

According to a recent BCG research, 70% of the digital transformation projects fall short of their objectives and do not see the end. FPT Software as a result of its deep study and having gained commendable knowledge after years of working with several global disruptors has transformed insights and expertise into a methodology – FPT Digital Kaizen™. Handcrafted by FPT Software, the FPT Digital Kaizen™, ensures end-to-end digital transformation imple- mentation to help organizations align their big vision incor- porated into blueprints. Inspired by the Japanese philoso- phy for “continuous improvement” the methodology involves digital initiatives that quickly demonstrate values of products/services or solutions and contribute to achieving agility at scale. FPT Digital Kaizen™ involves a three-step methodology: Think big, Start smart and Scale fast which helps businesses to constantly optimize their operations and any eliminate inefficiencies. According to FPT Digital Kaizen™, digital transformation is not necessarily a big bang, but rather, a series of quick wins that build towards long-term success. The company has tested the methodolo- gy on itself by constantly looking for areas to optimize with digital technologies, thereby improving its internal capabili- ties while affirming the effectiveness of its solutions before implementing them to customers worldwide.

Below are a couple of client testimonials about FPT Software

“Our manufacturing plant in Vietnam is among the four Schaeffler pioneering production facilities in terms of digitali- zation. We thank FPT for having worked alongside us to adopt digital manufacturing technologies that make us world-class” – Andreas Schick – Chief Operating Officer of Schaeffler.

“FPT is the best option in the market to help us create the platform and to make the farmers lives much easier and much more sustainable. The most important characteristic that we see working with FPT this that we have a lot of speed, a lot of passion and a lot of determination to make it happen in a short period of time, trying to prove the concept, very fast and think about how to scale up as soon as possible.” – Andre Kraide Monteiro, Cluster Head of South East Asia and Pakistan of Bayer – Crop Science Bayer

Currently, the firm has operations in 26 countries across the AsiaPacific, Americas, and Europe to assistitsclientbaseinthemost optimal way possible.

Organizational Culture

It is without doubt that the traction that FPT Software receives from its distinguished client base is because of its highly equipped staff and excellence in domain knowledge having years of industry experience. But what is very much significant is its organizational culture that translates into its client’s business. FPT Software fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion so that employees can perform to their maxi- mum potential with full freedom, creativity, collectively and with an indomitable spirit that harnesses a dynamic and inspiring work environment to work in oneness towards a common goal.

A Bright Road Map

FPT Software embraces a “follow the sun” strategy, which means trying to be as close to customers as possible to support them whenever they are in need. In the coming days, FPT Software aims to continue to provide world-class digital transformation and IT services with digital transfor- mation as a strategic focus. The firm has charted out certain key-programs in Cloud, AI backed Intelligent Automation, Data Analytics and Vendor Consolidation along with these is gaining strong traction in SAP S/4HANA. “FPT Software has many advantages in this area; we have the technolo- gies, infrastructure, human resources and know-how to help our customers with this transition”, Pham notes.

Currently, the firm has operations in 26 countries across the Asia Pacific, Americas, and Europe to assist its client base in the most optimal way possible. “We are still after a goal of becoming a billion-dollar global IT company, providing world-class digital transformation and IT services”, Pham signs off.


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