GeoTraq established itself on the concept of offering low-cost hardware and connectivity for transmitting small amounts of data over cellular networks. Today the company has developed state-of-the-art Mobile IoT connected modules that use LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity for asset tracking and remote monitoring. As companies around the world reframe their businesses to improve ROI through the IoT, GeoTraq is enhancing capabilities beyond what is commonly offered for Internet of Things solutions.

One of the biggest misconceptions for organizations is the desire to send information in real-time, which consumes a lot of power, requires a huge battery, and typically results in data overload. Thus, GeoTraq created ultra-small and low-power Mobile IoT modules that can be inserted in existing assets or built into new IoT devices and tracking tags. When it comes to data, GeoTraq believes less is more. The company strives to keep power consumption low by only sending the data companies need when they need it most.

Through engaging with clients to understand their pain points and business issues, the company feels their simplified approach meets the needs of those in search of an IoT solution that delivers results. GeoTraq modules transmit data for scheduled reporting and provide alerts for trigger-based events. Use cases include such instances as the temperature in a refrigerated truck reaching a degree that could harm a shipment of perishable goods. GeoTraq’s straight-forward approach enables increased visibility, without the need for an “always-on” connection.

The process of implementing an IoT solution is generally very complex and results in a massive collection of unnecessary data. Because of this, GeoTraq is raising awareness and educating businesses on the benefits of simple IoT. “Many businesses do not understand how the right IoT solution can bring value to their business and drive bottom-line revenue,” says Pierre Parent, GeoTraq’s GM & CTO.
In most cases, deploying an IoT solution involves designing and building a printed circuit board for mounting. The self-contained, plug and play form factor incorporated in the company’s products include connectors to attach an antenna, battery, and desired sensors with ease.

A company approached GeoTraq in search of an IoT module that could turn their compact, portable, on-the-go power solution into a smart device for asset tracking. Once the GeoTraq team received the product, they inserted a Tracker-Module and antenna to create a working device in minutes, capable of tracking location. This process is useful because it reduces time to market and can be repeated for products across many verticals. It allows companies to add IoT to their product or system without breaking the form factor of existing devices to create an entirely new product.

“The fast-growing availability of Mobile IoT networks, provides GeoTraq the perfect opportunity to solve real business challenges with intelligent connectivity,” adds Tiffani Neilson, the company’s VP of Marketing. According to the GSMA, over 90 percent of the world has access to at least one of the LTE-M or NB-IoT networks.

Recently honored as 30 Most Innovative Companies 2019 and Top 10 Remote Monitoring Solutions 2019, the potential for GeoTraq’s technology is limitless. The company is also an Associate Member of the GSMA to ensure interoperability between devices and to maintain compliance with the global mobile standards for connectivity.

GeoTraq’s simple strategy for digital transformation will assist companies in creating IoT solutions that will deliver the right data at the right time.


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