The booming technology with the growing number and size of industries has given the construction industry a vast scope to explore and expand. Grabbing this opportunity, GoliathTech made its mark in the already evolving piling industry. The manufacturer of helical screw pile systems came to the business in 2004 and became a Franchisor in 2013. Since then, the company has opened around 200 franchise units. Offering a great combination of engineering and innovation, GoliathTech guarantees a solid foundation for businesses and homeowners alike. To offer services of the highest industry standards, the company trains certified installers to meet their high standards and provide them with cutting-edge equipment.

With the growing number of customers, the company had to open two to three locations every month across North America. With proper planning and processing to expand the company at a targeted pace, GoliathTech was able to become a leader and pioneer in the industry.

From designing to optimal placement of each pile to final installation, GoliathTech takes care of it all. The company specializes in light and medium weight construction and works towards providing the best foundation for swimming pools, decks, agricultural tents, street lighting, light bridges and any structure of up to seven floors. Moreover, the company offers a strong and cost-effective foundation solution. Their secure, time-effective solution offers solar companies and homeowners the ease of mind of having a long-lasting foundation along with the flexibility of easy removal should ever need be, further reducing the impact on the environment.

GoliathTech develops its products services towards finding foundation solutions in circumstances where traditional foundations are not a viable option.GoliathTech’s helical screw pile system is designed to help them solve such issues.

While the traditional method of fixing tubes is an expensive procedure, the helical screw pile system has been developed in a way that can be installed deep into the ground, beneath the frostline, for strong support to the project structure at a lesser price and in a shorter time frame. GoliathTech’s services opt for simple and rapid installation without any excavation or damage to landscape or structures.

The company internally engineers their piles according to the building code to assist in construction of structures of the best of standards, no matter where they are located. “We ensure that we follow the building code of the specific address of the given site and provide specific plans engineered for the individual structure to validate the code and this is the reason our clients choose us over the rest of the service providers in the market,” says Julian Reusing, President and CEO of the company.

GoliathTech offers its services irrespective of the geographical location, weather, and the size of the project within the promised timeline. The company believes in sustainable development and builds a removable and reusable system while offering a perfectly levelled structure. The company categorizes and customizes its services based on the loads of the given project and the type of soil. Moreover, GoliathTech’s vast array of tubes, filled with Polyurethane to prevent ice accumulation inside the pile and guarantee maximum product longevity, helps their installers choose the best pile possible for each specific project.

With such revolutionary innovation, the company has solved many business issues and has proved itself to be an asset to the industry.


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