Technology has witnessed massive growth in the last two decades and Agile is one such part of technology, which has not only disrupted the tech world but has been working its way into other areas and functions. After being used for product development, manufacturing, marketing – Agile is now transforming how organizations hire,  develop,  and manage their people. To help meet customers’ growing demand for advanced products and exceptional service, businesses need to grow and develop their workforces. But to avoid strain on personnel and to increase productivity, businesses are now using agile for managing human resources throughout all stages of this growth.

A company’s human resources department is responsible for more than just hiring employees and handling conflicts

This people-focused solution offers comprehensive HR technology to restore the human aspect of human resources, including the crucial components lost to mounds of paperwork, constant input of repeated information, compiling and pulling spreadsheets for reporting, and other time-consuming tasks that otherwise prevent HR teams from personally connecting with their people.

“Turning to technology for human capital management means less time spent worrying about accuracy hindered by rules & regulations, and more time spent collaborating and making strategic decisions that can facilitate your business’s growth,” says Sandeep Reddy Vinjamuri, CEO, Lanconic.

Addressing this situation, Lanconic Inc offers a diverse collection of solutions for managing human resources, all on a single, cloud-based platform. It provides a central portal for all of the company’s people information, offers one-click access to employee data for a simplified process, and is all about creating efficiencies. Moreover, this technology transcends traditional HR, with features for optimizing recruiting, onboarding, time, talent, performance, and succession management, and business intelligence reporting. “When it comes to developing your workforce and growing your business, Lanconic is the key to unlocking your utmost potential,” adds Sandeep.

A company’s human resources department is responsible for more than just hiring employees and handling conflicts. Human resource departments must also manage benefits, payroll, and wages, employee engagement, training, and understanding of workplace laws, among many other things. Though today’s technology has made it much easier to juggle multiple responsibilities and see better results in areas such as employee retention, communication, and even cost management, Lanconic noticed that its clients have plenty of challenges to overcome within human resource management in an organization. Thus, Lanconic serves its purpose and has become their best solution to overcome their challenges on human resource management.

By the virtue of technology, HR for the first time in history is playing a true leadership role in business execution. While technology plays a crucial role in transforming human resources management software and operations from personnel management to business execution, technology itself does not create this change. HR managers must leverage technology to drive real value to the business since digital technologies facilitate greater integration and flexibility, thus allowing employees to have a great voice and share their work experience. Technology is poised to disrupt HR and redefine the future of the human resource department. Employee engagement and culture management drives HR in the ever-changing landscape. As HR continues to adopt the change, the enterprise will become smarter. The business mainly depends on three things – defining strategy, asset management, and driving business.

Lanconic Inc acts as an indispensable factor for success is intelligent technology in this aspect. Lanconic also offers software development, implementation and consulting services to its clients. The company worked with one of its clients that used to spend hours a day to analyze risk and process large data sets to enable them to make an effective and informed decision, by coming up with solutions for the ease of business in the industry.

Lanconic started small with a single employee and a small office in 2013. With constant struggle and listening to the needs of the market, the company evolved over the years into a market leader. It has also recently launched Smart Recruit – ATS Tool & WCMS – (Onboarding, ETMS) and a Careerportal Careersfetch.


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