ehotel AG has been offering outstanding service for private and corporate clients in the hotel sector for almost two decades now. From helping clients with booking hotels in the traditional process during its initial days to incorporating advanced technology into its systems with digital transformation, the company has seen it all.

This Berlin-based organization started as a software company and had to help clients to do online hotel booking. During this phase, ehotel AG faced several technological challenges due to the transition in technology. But keeping up to the advancement the organization came up with the idea of offering mobile hotel booking. ehotel AG started providing a platform that a traveller can use to book hotels easily, using special technology from the telecom company and hardware providers. But within a few years, they stopped providing such technology in the devices and also in telecommunication. Since then ehotel AG switched to in hotel desktop solution. Though during that time nobody was ready to do business on a mobile solution, gradually the mobile industry gained fame, making ehotel AG a pioneer in mobile hotel booking.

To offer an advanced hotel reservation system, the company changed its business model seven years back and started integrating other providers to create this hotel booking platform. By developing a relationship with different hotels, ehotel AG created a market place for content providers. This was very useful to the corporate market because countries like Europe and Asia have several individual hotels and they do not use their content through GDS. Rather they distribute the content mainly through hotel booking portals. The common problem faced by such clients was that sometimes the room was available only in one portal, not allowing the users to find a better offer if any. The available solutions were only for consumers and not for the complete business because such systems are only for information and not for booking. ehotel AG provides the information of all the hotels and providers on one platform and the user can access booking offers from several providers through a single interface.

Moreover, the company has developed a payment and accounting system which caters to a common platform. To help organizations avoid receiving thousands of invoices, ehotel AG has created a common booking system, which generates invoices only through ehotel AG. This aids the traveller as well to save time since they do not have to pay in the hotel. Also, to make the check-in and check-out process faster, the company is developing a better process for the accounting department. This will enable digital streaming of hotel invoices that can be uploaded in their accounting section, automating the process. The platform will not only save time and money but will also make the process capable of monitoring and reporting.

ehotel AG aims to evolve with technology to make hotel booking making more comfortable through a deeper integration to save time in manual processes. The company is also planning to expand its client base in multinational companies across Europe, USA and Asia.


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