With the belief that ‘beer isn’t just a drink rather a medium to bring people together in shared experiences’, Eliqs was established in 2019. The company aims to amplify experiences through superior design and technology. Based in Los Angeles, Eliqs is a design-forward beverage company that curates custom beverage cans for any occasion worth celebrating. The company pairs professional artists with local beverage suppliers to create personalized beverage brands that are tailor-made for individual events, at a comparable price to craft products purchased off-the-shelf.

“During our time as MBA-candidates at UCLA Anderson School of Business, as a proof-of-concept, we made a small batch of custom-branded beer for a close family friend with his Grandpa’s face on the bottles for a Thanksgiving dinner – and the guests loved it,” says Dave Goldman, CEO, Eliqs. After this grand success, the team aspired to become innovative experts in a largely outdated industry to bring that same enthusiasm and customer delight to a much wider audience of event-throwers.

“We are in a significant growth phase as we recently expanded beyond beer to canned wine.”

In its initial days, the company heard a lot of challenges from its clients who were not impressed with the status-quo off-the-shelf beverage options available for their events. Moreover, most of the time, they didn’t even know that an alternative to “generic” brands existed. But with its innovative business plan, Eliqs has helped address these pain points.

Gaining success through weddings and private events, Eliqs expanded into the B2B world to cater industries such as hospitality, entertainment and technology to leverage its new channel and serve as a walking billboard for their brands. Eliqs’s customers have realized that this innovative, cost-comparable and convenient product creatively amplifies their brand.

The process for producing cans, filling them with a beverage, and distributing them to customers is highly disaggregated across a variety of specialized providers. However Eliqs has verticalized many of these processes under one roof, making for a seamless, simple and efficient experience for their customers.

Eliqs worked with an industry-leading technology company to design beer cans for the launch of the newest model of a well-known headphone. Because of the sheer breadth of products at this company, the team responsible for the launch had experienced challenges generating excitement and engagement from other internal teams, not directly affiliated with their efforts. To combat this, they partnered with Eliqs to design a can adorned with the team’s now-flagship product – situated as if the can was wearing the headphones itself – and vibrant sound-waves pulsating across the rest of the can’s surface. This can was served at their customer’s internal launch event and received an amazing response. After the event, the company shared that having Eliqs’s custom product-supporting beers had an immediate impact by tangibly engaging the entire office in a way they didn’t expect while enhancing the event as a whole.

“We are in a significant growth phase as we recently expanded beyond beer to canned wine,” adds Dave. The company aims to become the go-to custom beverage provider for any host, company, event, bar, restaurant, or hotel who wants to elevate their brand with a professional, custom design. Although Eliqs has created momentum with custom craft beer for the Los Angeles and San Francisco markets initially, the company has both use case and geographic expansion plans that will extend its offering to hard seltzer, craft sodas, and other non-alcoholic beverages throughout every major market in the United States, starting with expansion into New York, Illinois and Washington in 2020.


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