HEAL, the self-healing software from Appnomic Systems, wins Top 10 Hot Brand of the 2020 award in enterprise software category. Appnomic Systems recently announced a new product line of self-healing software and launched HEAL as an umbrella brand for this new category of software. Each product in the HEAL portfolio will be named after the specific healing challenges they address such as HEAL on Cloud, HEAL on Premises, and HEAL on Edge.

Inspired by preventive medicine and the human body’s amazing self-healing ability, HEAL autonomously detects and solves problems before they even happen. With the launch of HEAL, Appnomic pioneers a new product category called self-healing software and offering new generation IT Operations software that uses AI algorithms and machine learning models to help enterprises run without a hitch. Using a patented technique called ‘workload-behavior correlation’, HEAL analyses all the aspects that go into the smooth running of an IT system, and reacts every time an abnormal behavior occurs, triggering either a healing action or a scaling action depending on the root cause of the problem.

“Inspired by preventive medicine and the human body’s amazing self-healing ability, HEAL autonomously detects and solves problems before they even happen.”

The dark blue color of the logo symbolizes the brand promise: Fixed before it happens. The 4 colors symbolize the key features of self-healing product. All these features combined are critical for self-healing and this is where HEAL is unique lies.

  • Predictive and Preventive: HEAL can predict any anomalies that might lead to outages in a system, making sure they are dealt with quickly before they even occur.
  • Collective Knowledge: HEAL has a 360 degree view of full-stack can flag early warnings from any component in infrastructure and application.
  • Situational Awareness: HEAL collects all contextual data at the time of the anomaly in order to eliminate false alarms and present relevant root cause.
  • Remedial and Autonomous: The way that HEAL delivers the remedial actions depends strongly on the problem and the system. Whether it is done through scaling or remediation, both actions stem from our Machine Learning Engine that uses fully patented techniques to ensure it always delivers the best response.

The AI technology behind HEAL was developed initially to address performance issues plaguing client applications. in all these cases problems were only found when there is outage or a failure alerts comes. Furthermore, finding the root cause of such issues was a cumbersome task as it involved elimination or seeking the cause and effect relationship between overall usage load and system behavior.

On the lookout for a way to detect early warning signals, quickly solve the problem and provide a lasting solution, Appnomic Systems realized that it could potentially replicate the actions and decision-making criteria into a learning system taking cognitive actions, preventing problems from occurring by developing the industry’s first AI implementation in Application Performance. When Appnomic first implemented AI, Machine Learning was not commonplace and many of the standard libraries were not available, it took a lot of intense effort to create the initial codebase and functionality.

Fast forward to date, the industry faces more challenges with ever-growing complexity and problem prevention is a critical value to our customers to better manage resources and free up IT teams to focus on more pressing issues. Digital enterprises that adopt HEAL are finding it easier to scale their business and outcompete the competition.

With HEAL, Appnomic customers have achieved, on average, a 60% reduction in false-positive alerts, a 60% reduction in developer time spent on solving problems, and a 75% decrease in incidents.


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