After spending 27 years in the technology world, I have never been more convinced that the largest industry of fixed assets is undergoing the biggest transformation. Even though spaces are fixed, they are required to be flexible. With the sharing economy on an all – time high, today’s generation is spoilt for choice. Organisations are actively digitizing their workplaces to not only make their employees most productive but also provide them with an experience – an impactful tool in the talent war.

While employee experience and productivity is vital for any organisation, it can come at a price if not well executed. With space being the second highest cost centre, it needs to be optimized in the most efficient manner. For a truly digital workplace technology needs to enable the interaction between space, people and the unique culture possessed by the organisation. That means seeing it from a business strategy perspective, it should reduce the cost, increase productivity while maintaining its culture.
Technology is making today’s brand of digital workplaces possible and companies need to view this as a powerful strategic tool. Artificial Intelligence has started to play a huge role in providing what is most relevant not only to an organization but also to the employees. Leaders should be prepared to inspire and promote an effective digital work environment starting now.

Here’s how technology can truly enable a digital workplace:


The workplace flexibility movement began years ago and over time, flexibility options sprung up. By 2020, 50% of the workforce will comprise of millennials and by 2025, Gen Y employees will grow to take up 75 percent of the workforce. Leading organizations are adopting workplace flexibility, but it’s also vital to be certain the pre-requisites are in order while adopting a “no fixed pace of work” strategy. Can productivity be maintained with staggered, mandated shifts, different time zones and remote teams? Organisations need to invest in technology to solve managerial problems at the workplace along with productivity.

Mobile First

Majority of today’s population is tied to their phones – how would the workforce be any different? That means organisations need to provide experiences that are easy to perform on the go.

Imagine a workplace where everything you need is at a tap of a button?

Integrated Platform

Today there numerous tools used in a workplace – the flipside to that is an employee needs to keep shuffling. Where is the integrated experience? It is important that the workplace enables this level of flexibility through a straightforward approach.

Data Driven

Data driven decision making is the need of the hour. Companies that use real time data as a strategic tool definitely have a competitive edge. In many cases, organisations have saved upto 20% of the space cost.


Connecting employees on the same platform reminds them who they work for and what the values and culture of the company are. GenY and Z are comparatively more open and share large parts of their lives without hesitation. Leaders need to tap into this fundamental human need making the organization come alive.

Personalized and Prioritized

The amount of data being generated today is phenomenal but at the same time irrelevant data can also waste time. As the speed of information accelerates, deciphering it quickly and prioritizing it effectively will be a key competitive skill. Time being our most precious resource, employees need to be able to make smart choices about where to spend it. AI will play a key role bringing the most important information to the fore and making employees far more productive

The stage is being set for a more collaborative, transparent, democratized workplace. The time is now to change how people live, work and play.

Every organisation should think through and re-define how smart spaces will work in its unique case. It’s prudent to define broad parameters that substantiate clear boundaries and give people the power of choice within those boundaries, allowing employees to embrace arrangements that work for them.


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