Industrial IoT is changing the ways a broad range of verticals conduct their business with promises to revolutionize the industrial prowess by optimizing the efficiency of systems within the organization. The amount of advancing technologies is overwhelming and one of the biggest challenges faced by most businesses is the integration of legacy, current and future mission-critical systems with IoT solutions whilst ensuring its scalability. Legacy systems are more disparate and there is a high probability that the amalgamated data may still be sent back to the cloud for futher processing. “Now when you send data back to the cloud, there is a latency issue, there is a bandwidth issue and an excessive storage issue at the backend. The data collected may not be processed in a timely fashion into actionable insights. Ultimately, you want actionable insights and want to be able to manage or control your mission critical devices effectively and in real-time,” explains Stephen Ho, Group COO, SkyLab Holding and Managing Director, SkyLab Services. It has almost become the norm that short latency services should be seen by the market as a unique quality. Perfectly poised to address this challenge is SkyLab Services, headquartered in Singapore, with its critical and highly robust IoT data logistic and data acceleration solutions that are extended to enterprises assisting them in attaining valuable actionable insights and driving proactive actions on asset optimisation and resource management.

Skylab Holding is made up of three different companies – SkyLab Networks, SkyLab Services and SkyLab Innogram, which is SkyLab’s core development technology center. SkyLab comprises a team of technically adept professionals with deep domain expertise blended with edge technological know-how to ensure a satisfied clientele. Since its inception, SkyLab has worked with several renowned clients across the globe. One such distinguished client that approached Skylab was one of the largest solar green energy players in the market, with solar panels on rooftops across 1800 different locations in Singapore. They were on the lookout for a solution provider that could facilitate them with a system that would ingest data from devices in the field accurately, securely and expeditiously, as well as needing to source a way to measure the amount of energy being produced by the solar panels and had strict Service Level Agreement (SLA) that they needed to adhere to. All their needs were successfully met by SkyLab.

SkyLab’s Portfolio of Offerings

Continually striving to meet and exceed customer demands, Data Logistics Cloud™ (DLC), Innologix™, STA™, GDX™ and IGX™ belong to the comprehensive suite of solutions that SkyLab has to offer. Delving deeper into the company’s core offerings, Innologix™ has been designed and developed as a distributed, hyper scale middleware service with multi-protocol awareness and multi-back-end support. Stephen goes on to tell us about the solution, “Our solution Innologix™ is multi-protocol aware. It allows the end-user/client to interface with all kinds of devices and enterprise resource planning systems. It will also be able to interface with all legacy, current and new devices and systems going forward. This ability to communicate with different protocols or to different equipments whether old or new, has an advantage because the moment you can interface with different protocols also necessarily means you can carry out more effective processing at the edge.”

SkyLab recently launched its proprietary network transport protocol, STA™ that ceaselessly works at optimizing transport layer performance, provides higher throughput, lower latency and with its advanced network congestion control, ensures a smoother data transfer across the network. This solution has helped the company penetrate into the maritime industry as well. This industry encountered the challenge of efficiently and expeditiously sending data from ships to shore. The client was able to deploy STA™ and enjoy the benefits of the IoT revolution while enhancing the communication link. Stephen proudly tells us, “In the recent Smart Port Challenge, an international competition organised by the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) in conjunction with the National University of Singapore, we came in first runner up. We were up against very stiff competition from technology firms within the maritime industry. The judges probably felt that the STA™ could revolutionalise the communication links between onshore and offshore, and with it comes tremendous opportunity for the enhanced of IoT in the maritime industry.”

Mapping Out the Company’s Future

With the aim to empower Industrial Internet of Things with secured connectivity, accelerated data transmission and actionable insights, the company has geared itself up for the future. With their industry-rich expertise in this market, the team is working at strengthening its STA™ protocol whilst simultaneously pushing the trend of edge computing forward as they have recognized the paradigm shift from cloud to edge computing.

Staying abreast trending technologies, the team is investing its time and effort in developing interesting and innovative technology and applications to assist their large base of clients and partners to deal with this upcoming trend and to help them create new business opportunities that comes along with having an edge computing platform. Stephen signs off on a positive note, “We plan to launch our latest edge computing platform in February 2019


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