The worldwide epidemic has heightened the need for communication in recent months, as most teams now operate remotely. Poor communication, whether due to personal reasons or a lack of adequate technology, will undoubtedly result in unmotivated, ill-informed employees who may begin to doubt their talents and, eventually, the organization as a whole.

Maintaining good, long-term working connections at all levels of an organization requires effective communication. This is especially true while functioning remotely and dealing with uncertainty. Employers who invest in providing open lines of communication will quickly create confidence among their staff, resulting in increased productivity, output, and morale overall. Korbyt now enables seamless communication across various organizations with its Korbyt Anywhere tool. Ankur Ahlowalia, CEO of Korbyt, was with the CEOViews team to share their journey into solving new-world problems.

Korbyt Anywhere is the workplace experience platform that makes it easy to reach and engage your audience to deliver personalized, secure information to any enterprise communication channel or device. Whether your audiences are employees, customers, or students our platform keeps them informed, engaged, and productive.

Q: Korbyt Anywhere is an omnichannel communications platform that engages hybrid employees, students, guest, and retail customers. How did you develop this idea? What was your mission at the outset?

A: As a leader in mission-critical data visualization solutions for 40 years, Korbyt has built a reputation for innovation and quality. Today, Korbyt’s platform is the backbone of an enterprise’s communications stack. Korbyt’s robust features and ability to reach an audience anywhere make it a critical resource for driving engagement, productivity, and safety outcomes for its customers.

As hybrid workplaces evolve, it becomes essential to meet employees wherever they are and reach them through Omnichannel communications.

Q: Korbyt has been recognized as the innovator of the year. How was your journey so far? 

A: The only way to discover the limits of what is possible is to strive to go beyond continually. At Korbyt, the continual exploration of the possible is the most exciting part of the journey, and we are enjoying helping companies not only function in the new hybrid workplace but thrive.

Korbyt Anywhere offers a wealth of features that allow the product to be used for a wide range of outcomes to benefit customers.

Q: How do you help your clients with personalized content or data on any screen, anywhere?

A: Korbyt’s Integration engine has over 200 native connections to databases and enterprise applications that drive business today. Korbyt Anywhere allows companies to organize and extract data for various teams, line crews, and managers. In addition to receiving external data sources that drive content experience, the Korbyt API can also be used for many other purposes.

Q: How do you manage to produce innovative products? What is your latest product discovery?

A: Korbyt is continually looking for ways to innovate and enhance the experience for current and future customers. A significant focus of Korbyt’s latest innovations is automated content generation utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning. This includes everything from simple imagery to dynamically generated videos that are tailored to the content administrators’ needs. This content can be dynamically generated based on informational themes, company initiatives, or mission statements.

Q: Korbyt is known for providing different types of solutions. Can you elaborate on this more?

A: Korbyt Anywhere offers a wealth of features that allow the product to be used for a wide range of outcomes to benefit customers. Our solutions include, but are not limited to, data visualization, workspace management, digital wayfinding, mission-critical alerting, interactive kiosks, etc.

Q: How do you maintain your different types of innovative platforms?

A: Korbyt has an exceptionally talented Product & Engineering team. This team can be agile and responsive to marketplace changes and marketplace feedback to maintain stability as well as maintain a step ahead.

Q: Can you brief us about Korbyt Anywhere’s Omnichannel Products for Manufacturing Communication?

A: Korbyt’s manufacturing solutions take the data from all your systems and allow the creation of custom displays for different sectors, employees, and teams. In addition to visualization, this data can also be used for orchestration. The key to providing relevant and engaging information is to use data to determine what content appears, when, and where. Data types used to drive these experiences include materials data, machine tolerance data, line performance numbers, manufacturing facilities, and employee performance data.

Korbyt’s manufacturing solutions take the data from all your systems and allow the creation of custom displays for different sectors, employees, and teams.

Q: How do Korbyt’s omnichannel products relate to data and visualization?

A: Data visualization and orchestration can be viewed on many different endpoints without affecting functionality. From the digital signage display to the employee’s desktop and to the employee’s mobile device. We can make our data even more relevant to an employee by targeting the audience based on their attributes when they use Korbyt from desktops or mobile devices.

Q: What are the Key Features and Benefits of Korbyt Anywhere for Manufacturing Communication?

A: Korbyt CMS (Content Management System) provides professionally designed templates to engage frontline workers. Korbyt’s Clever playlist automates content delivery to every digital bulletin board in your manufacturing facility with fresh, engaging content created within the CMS. The content can be targeted based on the plant’s team, shift, line, or location.

b. Target and personalize user content to reach your staff based on job type, location, or interests. Create custom dashboards for various divisions and teams or complete roll-ups for site leaders.

c. Visualize complex manufacturing data from various sources using Korbyt Anywhere integrations capabilities.

d. Mobile Application and SMS ready- reach front line and remote workers on their mobile devices and allow access to mission-critical information and instant communications.

e. Safety messaging- Ensure the safety of frontline workers with operational safety messages and training on targeted screens and notify sector or site-wide with screen takeovers in times of emergency.

Q: According to you, what are the upcoming market trends in your industry?

A: Omnichannel communications will become a standard in workforce engagement and experience. Communications & HR (Human Resources) departments will leverage AI to create engaging content. Korbyt is well-positioned to take advantage of future market growth.

Q: Any advice you would like to give to peers in your industry for working innovatively?

A: You can easily get tangled in supporting all the features of your platform and the various ways they are already used in your day-to-day operations. You must dedicate some of your best team members and personal time exclusively to innovation. Aside from team bifurcation, you need to keep track of technological innovations outside of your industry and see if you can incorporate those into your business in novel ways to gain a competitive advantage.

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