How often have we waited for a call to be picked up when we would have reached out to companies for answers to our questions? Pandemic has brought this malady to the fore like never before. How often has our call moved around from one agent to the other when she’s looking for answers? Think about how often the agent would have failed to understand the complexities.

This story repeats across banks, airlines, telecom providers to cars or dishwashers. Hospitals or even schools are not much different when it comes to customer support. Inspiration for bridging this wide gap of expectation and reality are all around us. It’s this vision that brought the founders of Bayestree Intelligence to come together. In their world view – every customer should feel like she’s involved in a one-to-one conversation with a business that cares and not filing a one-off support ticket that isn’t treated as part of a broader relationship. And that’s where Bayestree Intelligence Inc comes in.

“We met when Partha was a Senior Leader in Microsoft’s Azure ML; Girish was consulting with Carlyle assets and assist-ing McKinsey in specific engagements and I was living the McKinsey partner life. The simplicity and ubiquity of the problem, coupled with the impact it can create, got us fired. That’s our story,” said Avijit Biswas, Co-Founder, and CEO of Bayestree Intelligence Inc. The organization is redefining customer support for enterprises by offering Instant First Time Right 24×7 across channels and languages.

Bayestree Intelligence Inc has been recognized as one of the 50 Best Companies. The biggest differentiator for their solution is the painless way their CX-AI product Sainapse® integrates its solution in enterprises and the scale of impact that follows. Unlike most other AI platforms and products, Sainapse requires no prior data cleaning, labeling, indexing, etc. So the customers are good to go with what they have. Sainapse plugs into any enterprise system much like plugging in a new device to a USB port and start training. The organization learns at a speed of 2 million lines or records in 6-7 minutes, ready for going live in weeks.

“At 92% sub-second accuracy, our triaging and solution recommendation delivers answers directly to the customer even to a complex problem that involves reading through multiple attachments or images. Without Sainapse, that would have taken 4 minutes of wait time, 6 minutes of discussions with some in-between music, 3 hops between agents, and finally a promise of a call back by a Senior Engineer. Of course, by then, you would have got a ticket number and an empathetic text,” added Biswas.

Every entrepreneur faces various challenges while setting up their business. The two biggest barriers the team faces while working with large enterprises are their propensity to ‘build’ instead of ‘buy’. Large and medium-sized corporations lose significant time and money in their effort of the building or stitching together solutions ground up. In addition, there is a lingering concern in the industry that enterprise AI requires tons of clean data which hardly anyone has. It’s only after companies run the pilot with Sainapse they are able to experience how different Sainapse’s technology is.

In smaller enterprises, the challenges are a bit different. Many of them are already running rule-based ‘intelligent’ solutions, which took significant time and effort and are seldom deliver-ing the promise. Concern there is around the complexity of Sainapse and how much time, effort, and money it’s going to take, and whether Sainapse would be another half-impact product too. To address these concerns, Sainapse always starts with a proof of impact experience, establishing a business case, and demonstrating the ease of plugging Sainapse in existing landscapes.

This pandemic has brought to fore need for going digital and leveraging AI like no other. Bayestree believes enterprises have run 5 years of AI adoption in the last 9 months. Very early in the pandemic, Bayestree launched it’s ‘after hour support.’ As contact centers had to strip down due to restrictions, it’s the after-hour customer service that suffered most – often impact-ing senior citizens. Sainapse after hour support listens in to the customers’ voice calls and takes actions as needed without voice agents. Sainapse even creates the case in CRM autonomously. In case of a real complex situation, Sainapse lists it for the next day morning call back after appropriately informing the caller – all under a minute.

In terms of technological development, every bit of core AI technology that Sainapse uses is purpose-built to solve customer experience challenges. That’s why the team believes they deliver industry-beating accuracy to their customers without the need for investments in either data cleaning or hiring expensive data scientists.


“Our patent-pending Intent Extraction technology frees up our customers from the drudgery of defining keywords and expressions list. Sainapse is natively designed to identify and blank out contextually identifiable information (including PII, of course), making it GDPR and California Privacy Law compliant at every step. Our ability to learn from least saves our customers from spending time and money on data cleaning. Sainapse uses modified latent Dirichlet to spot and track themes making mitigation planning possible in a complex or high volume customer support context. These are just some of the examples. Our differentiated approach to AI makes Sainapse available even to customers with extreme sensitivities of going onto the cloud,” added Biswas. These technologies and many more used in Sainapse help Bayestree to take on their competition and deliver real impact.

Bayestree Intelligence Inc has worked with several industries of different sizes across use cases. Fortune 500 telecom provider uses Sainapse to sieve through thousands of emails that they receive from across the world in different languages in real-time. Sainapse reads the message that each mail carries and takes appropriate action, including creating cases in their CRM without a single rule being coded, a single keyword being ever defined, and a single dollar being spent on pre AI data preparation. A mid-tier mobile entertainment services provider took hours to solve their IT issues until Sainapse came in. Mid-tier Engineering firm uses Sainapse to get recommendations on their customer support problems. Biswas talked about how they are running a pilot in one of the largest stock exchanges of the world.

While Bayestree Intelligence and their CX enabling AI product Sainapse is not alone in the market but it definitely promises to push the enterprise AI bar forward in the coming days.



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