The idea of establishing Jack Nathan Health started when the founder had a vision of bringing medical clinics directly to patients. “It is common for people to search for localized healthcare services, which aren’t traditionally centralized or even easily accessible. As a result, multiple commutes are needed in a single day between physician appointments,  filling prescriptions, and purchasing other support aids. Our idea was to change the model and create a new standard in healthcare services with convenience at its core,” said George Barakat, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman of Jack Nathan Health.

Mr. Barakat took this new approach to Walmart– he had a longstanding relationship the global retailer who immediately recognized the power of this concept. What started out as two clinics has morphed into 76 in Walmart locations across six provinces in Canada today, with another 50 set to open through Walmart in Mexico.

Canadian owned and operated since 2006, Jack Nathan Health is fulfilling its mission to create a patient-centric experience. That mantra is reflected in all aspects of Jack Nathan Health’s offering. Barrier-free entrances ensure smooth access into facilities for people with mobility challenges, once inside patients can shop at Walmart for needed supplies and an electronic paddle will notify them when appointments begin, and Jack Nathan Health also incorporates telemedicine serves for convenient physician scheduling.

After months of research and evaluating of the fastest-growing technology companies, Jack Nathan Health has been recognized as one of the 50 Best Companies by The CEO Views based on its services and business plans.

“It is an honour to be recognized as one of the 50 best companies of the year, and we remain committed to our concept to create a better circle of healthcare for patients,” added George Barakat. “We will continue to expand our services as well because we fundamentally believe that people can live their best lives when they feel healthy.”

It is an honour to be recognized as one of the 50 best companies of the year, and we remain committed to our concept to create a better circle of healthcare for patients.

In response to the pandemic, Jack Nathan Health accelerated the launch of its virtual platform to offer patient care remotely, and it launched a portal where patients can access medical records, book an appointment, buy medications, and purchase health-related products. It’s this blending of bricks and mortar with telemedicine that differentiates Jack Nathan Health and ensures Canadians can get service no matter where the live. Residents in communities where Jack Nathan Health has established a clinic can conveniently see a physician and receive ancillary health services while more rural and time-constrained patients can receive virtual care.

As for expansion plans, its relationship with Walmart gives Jack Nathan Health® a competitive advantage. Walmart has made healthcare a strategic priority and has identified additional stores that include pharmacy make them ideal expansion locations in Canada. It’s presence in Mexico is growing quickly in physical clinics and telemedicine. Jack Nathan Health® is looking broader at International expansion in conjunction with Walmart.


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