The technological disruption along with the onset of Industry 4.0 replaced the traditional methods of businesses with digital modification. The ever-evolving technology has made businesses more complex with its ever-growing data and to streamline the situation, there has been a huge digital transformation in the last couple of decades. Organizations are overflowing with unsaturated data and to rationalize the entire system cloud-based assets have been developed across multiple platforms. Driven by the advancement in digital technology, several industries have witnessed a massive success in the last few years.

Digital transformation has not only disrupted the industrial sector but has also brought in a great change of perspective, in the field of economy and lifestyle. It has been the reason behind the success of various technological innovations, aiming towards the automation of time-consuming manual work. After analyzing the progress that digital transformation has brought in, numerous researches are going on to further upgrade the system.

With the growing globalization of business, digitalization arrived like a boon but also increased the scope for hackers. The easy access to several digital platforms has enabled hackers to breach in organization security, putting valued data at risk. As they say, technology can serve both good and bad causes and all depends on how it is being used.


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