APiS North America
APiS North America

With its wide exposure in the field of technology and market assessment experience, APIS® Informationstechnologien GmbH, the parent company, along with the brilliant business plan of the two lead executives, Lynn M. Johnson, Pharm.D. and Chad Johnson, established APiS North America, LLC. APIS® GmbH Developers had been consistently using the voice of its customers to innovate the IQ-Software since its inception in 1992.

The IQ-Software was developed to meet the needs of its customers, provide best practices, and also meet the ISO standards of the industries it serves. The success of the company over the years and the trust gained, aided APiS North America to become the distributor of the IQ-Software for North and South America in July 2016. Their mission is to revolutionize how clients leverage FMEAs within their risk management and functional safety efforts to improve their products and processes through our innovative, high-quality software products, expert training & consulting, and impeccable attention to customer service.

“The IQ-Software has been built to provide the best and most reliable solution for companies’ quality and safety programs.” -Dr. Lynn M. Johnson

In addition to being the America’s distributor of the IQ-Software licenses, APiS North America, LLC offers innovative and, expert training, and consulting for the IQ-Software. The team works with companies where a failure in process or product is not acceptable. Be it a medical procedure or device, a car’s brakes, an autonomous system, or a jet engine, the company offers customized and best quality solutions to every issue. Instead of simply recording risks, APiS North America’s team and the IQ-Software work together to manage and mitigate the risks in product design and manufacturing processes. “The IQ-Software has been built to provide the best and most reliable solution for companies’ quality and safety programs,” says Dr. Lynn M. Johnson, President, APiS North America, LLC.

The advancement and innovation in the field of engineering over the decade have helped the company offer unique services with its direct engineering and FMEA best practices, along with the highly regarded IQ-Software. “Our Vice President, Chad Johnson, has worked to develop different teams globally, using the IQ-Software, the 7-Step FMEA Methodology, his Six Sigma Master Black Belt expertise, and engineering best practices,” adds Lynn. The IQ-Software FMEAs have brought global teams and suppliers together to meet very lofty deadlines with the highest safety extremely robust solution for the latest, innovative, and vast electric vehicle projects.

The APiS North America Training Program is led by Chad, along with the great oversight of the company’s Program Manager and trainer, Anthony Rodriguez. Anthony’s experience in adult learning and the ability to apply Learner Engagement Strategies has been an invaluable asset in effectively delivering classroom and virtual training of the IQ-Software, which is provided in both Spanish and English. Moreover, Anthony has applied his curriculum development experience to create the APiS North America IQ-Software training materials, which serve as a post-training reference tool for teams, implementing the IQ-Software to their FMEA program and providing customers with an invaluable learning experience.

Lynn brings vast experience in healthcare, technology, and business, which together are paramount to the mission of APiS North America. Her experience in not for profit and for-profit delivery of healthcare has offered value to the company and direction to the team. During this hard time of the global pandemic, the company has been continuing operations to address their customer’s needs for success.

APiS North America, LLC is continuously reviewing its strategies, plans, and employees’ needs to ensure complete affectivity of its future expansion.


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