Mark Drizing, CFO

Founded in 1995, Genesis Network Group made a quick transition from an IT support company to a complete managed services and cloud solution provider. The company predicted well in advance where the industry was heading and constantly challenged every evolution to explore the many innovative approaches that come with this business. The company’s goal is to offer leading-edge, innovative IT solutions considering the customer’s overall success and profitability.

A Managed Service Provider, Genesis Network Group offers 24X7 monitoring to ensure that smaller infrastructure problems do not lead to a major problem. Sharing a relationship of partnership with their clients, the company assures peace of mind to them with protected and secured services, resulting in increased productivity and minimal downtime. Making the most of technology, the company customizes services for cost reduction, better communication, financial, management and efficiency to stay on top of the game and best meet the needs of these customers. To design the perfect customized services, the company genuinely listens to their customers in order to best meet their specific service needs. “We recognize that our customers put their complete trust in us to run their companies without a hitch. We thank them for this distinct honor, and take this responsibility very seriously”, says… Mark Drizing
Moreover, the company assures quick response time to all customer requests, with a track record of ninety-nine per cent of its customers being serviced within a two-hour window. The customers are then followed up to ensure the job is done thoroughly and to their satisfaction.

With a high level of knowledge, coupled with constant communication with a wide range of clientele, Genesis Network Group understands that technology drives every facet of the business. Also, the company believes that security is the primary concern and is contently working on strengthening their foothold on their cybersecurity services. Genesis Network Group contributes to a global IT platform as it secures a high industry standard for building security solutions which serve several business models.

Genesis Network Group caters to businesses that want to focus on their business and not just on their IT infrastructure while helping to eliminate unexpected and wasteful costs on their technology.

Cloud Hosted VoIP Phone System, the company’s recent release enables more cost savings and functionality than the traditional on-premise phone systems. The system has a voice intelligence engine designed to guard against outages, interruptions and degraded quality. Genesis Network Group worked with a large medical firm in north New Jersey who was paying for phone services spread over two carriers in the amount of $4300 a month. With the VoIP hosted service, Genesis Network Group deployed all new phones and reduced their monthly phone charges to $900 per month. With such offerings, Genesis Network Group bridged the communication gap with their clients.

From just their IT guy, the company has now emerged as their trusted IT advisor. The company’s solutions are not only on time and budget-friendly but also come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Genesis Network Group is dedicated to staying relevant and up to date on all ‘best-case scenarios’ for its customers. The teams of dedicated professionals work together and continuously brainstorm to develop premier solutions. As Steve Jobs once said ‘Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.’ Genesis Network Group is a follower of this philosophy and believes in sharing knowledge, experience, ideas and beliefs.


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