Track Employee Workflow

Supervising productivity isn’t always easy, however, it is one of the best ways to see if everything is functioning normally and that’s something that can definitely affect the success of your company.

Namely, a recent study has shown that approximately thirty percent of workers have lied to their boss at least once, and forty percent of that group of people were entry-level workers. That’s a devastating fact, hence, it’s always recommendable to develop strategies that will help you monitor them. If you’re not sure what are the best options, below we will uncover everything!

Smart Ways To Supervise Your Employees Performance

Opt For a Monitoring Software for Employees

Since business owners and managers are not able to constantly watch over their workers, this is definitely an extremely helpful solution. So what does employee monitoring software do? It was designed to track the activity of your team members and what they do on their computers.

Furthermore, special services gather, assess, and store data about the visited web pages, running apps, search queries, and external storage devices utilized during the workday. Besides this, these services are also able to control the activities of your employees on social networks, chats in messengers, and emails they are sending and receiving.

Google Forms And Sheets

Even though this may not be the latest invention when it comes to tracking, it’s definitely a great tool, especially if you’re dealing with remote workers or part-time employees. Here, you can make very simple forms that your team members will be able to easily fill every day (or when they’re working).

In these designated fields, that can accentuate their work hours and let you know when the job is done. If you integrate all that info into a single file, you will be able to track both the progress and budget for the weeks to come. Luckily, it’s so easy to use!

Say YES To Social Media

You have to realize that not every single person is open for communication, hence, with these types of people, you will not be able to easily become friends or at least get to know them better. That’s why you should definitely consider adding them to any of the social media platforms you are using.

Not only will they help you get to know your employees better, but it is going to make things much simpler when it comes to tracking them. You will be able to see whether they are spending their work hours on their profiles, which can potentially impact their productivity and work quality.

Track Employee Workflow

Now, if you notice that they are posting things on their profiles during work hours, yet, they are still getting the job done, then you shouldn’t worry about it too much. As long as everything is functioning properly, and confidentiality isn’t being breached, there’s no reason for concern.

Productivity loss is something nobody ever wants to experience because it can cost a company both resources and money. Therefore, if you want to ensure things are running smoothly, follow these useful tips!


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