Gifts to Your Employees

If you are like most people, you’ve probably experienced difficulty choosing a gift for someone – possibly those close to you! But what if you had a whole team of staff members to choose gifts for?

Well, the process gets a lot less daunting if you know the best time to present what you chose – when the gift matters most!

Read on as we explore the five best times to surprise your employees with thoughtful gifts.

Why You Should Gift Your Staff

There’s nothing more satisfying than delivering something to your employees that’s meaningful to them. And though gift-giving is often thought of as cheesy, you might be surprised at the good karma you’ll reap!

By treating your team right, you’ll show them you’re paying attention to what matters to them. In return, your employees will have high morale and become more productive to achieve the company’s objectives and execute their roles with perfection.

Choosing Gifts for Staff Members

As anyone would expect, picking gifts for staff members can be a tricky affair, especially considering that everyone has different tastes and preferences. Luckily, from flowers to stationery, a vacation, or a special lunch, there are so many types of gifts you can get an employee, and they will appreciate them.

Searching online for employee gift ideas can be a great place to start. And whatever you choose, just make sure it is appropriate, thoughtful, and meaningful to the recipient.

Best Five Times to Gift Employees

Of course, any time is a good time to receive a gift from an employer or a superior at work. And as far as the reliability and productivity of your business are concerned, the costs of gifting are a drop in the ocean.

But surprising them with a thoughtful gift at these 5 times can make them feel even more special and appreciated.

1. Birthdays & Anniversaries

Everyone likes to be celebrated on their birthday or on a special occasion, such as a promotion. It may seem cheesy, but employees might especially like to be surprised with a gift when it comes to special days like this.

2. When Employees Make a Difference

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of those around you, especially when they’re putting in extra time, effort, and personal care to help your business succeed.

Some employees might appreciate a small token of appreciation when they provide excellent service for you. They feel that their input and performance are recognized.

If the thought of sending a gift isn’t alluring enough, maybe you could send a cute card or give them a delicious treat!

3. When Celebrating Accomplished Milestones

As with birthdays, there is no better time to present a gift to a great employee than when they hit a big achievement. It could be personal, such as a wedding or graduation; or it could be related to their careers, such as a promotion or even retirement.

The small, thoughtful token of appreciation can make employees feel special. It shows that you care, encouraging them to keep working hard.

4. At the End of The Year

It may sound surprising, but employees often like to be surprised with a gift at the end of the year. Some of the best companies love to give a collective gift to their employees, such as an end-of-year party, but personalized gifts like cards and flowers can go a long way in making the day special for each staff member.

5. Holiday Employee Gifts

Why are Holiday gifts important? In a recent survey that involved more than 1400 American workers, more than 70 percent of respondents believed that a holiday gift from their employer would make them feel valued and work harder.

Your employees deserve to be treated like real VIPs. Give them a personalized card, a nice little gift on their break, or even a weekend away! And just because they don’t have a holiday off doesn’t mean that some of your workers don’t deserve to feel special.

In a nutshell, happy employees mean less stress and a better business, so they deserve to be celebrated every once in a while. This is also why many organizations today have their own formal policy about employee gifts. Usually, it is an official policy that all members of the company follow.


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