Cyber threats have become increasingly sophisticated and widespread in recent years, making cybersecurity an essential area of concern for individuals, businesses, and governments alike. Companies in the cybersecurity industry develop and sell a wide range of products and services, including antivirus software, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems, to help protect against these threats.

Semita Holdings is one such organization that is trying to address global cybersecurity challenges with its unique and experienced team. David Forncrook, Founder of Semita Holdings, was with the CEOViews team to share their story on how they are shaping the cybersecurity market.

“Semita Holdings is one such organization that is trying to address global cybersecurity challenges with its unique and experienced team. “

Story of inception

Established in 2007, Semita Holdings offers its cybersecurity services to combat the growing number of cyber-attacks around the world. They developed this idea through an analysis of their customer engagements and case studies of major incidents. They often found a lack of understanding of the security position risks/threats/vulnerabilities and the effectiveness of security controls and services in place. Their mission has always been to partner with customers to identify their security needs by first understanding their security position. Then they work with the customer to prioritize, plan and implement changes to the security practices that fit the business’s needs.

Semita Holdings was named the “Best Companies of the Year” for 2022.

Semita Holdings was named the “Best Companies of the Year” for 2022. Speaking about their organizational journey, David said, “Like all journeys, it has taken persistence and hard work to earn the trust of our clients to achieve the success we have had. Like most start-ups getting out of the shadow of much larger brands has been an ongoing challenge. We are overcoming these challenges by making sure that our client’s needs come first, connecting to the people to ensure that their issues are understood, and delivering tangible business value.”


Semita’s consulting is, at its heart, powered by its people who have years of experience with a variety of industries and are recognized for their success.

And most importantly can connect with the customers with a personal touch that you won’t find elsewhere.

Their technology offers next-generation cryptographic security needed to address the new threats and allows the distributed computing environment of the future to be secure. They foresee a world where cryptographic hardware enables secure internet connectivity for business users no matter where they are, no matter where their applications are, and no matter where their data lives.

Their technology solution is called Amvin, which provides a secure connection from the instant you connect to the internet. Delivered as a turnkey USB adapter that delivers a cost-effective and fully auditable network security layer, Amvin is a unique and timely solution that ensures that only authorized users can connect to corporate network assets while mitigating network security risks and vulnerabilities. In contrast with traditional computing models, which are based on location, and perimeter security, whose software-access control does not provide the end-to-end protection needed in the world of zero trust networking and sophisticated cyber-attacks. The Amvin Secure Telework Adapter provides a bridge of trust between the user and their business networks and bridges the business networks of today with the telework services of tomorrow.

Their service portfolio also includes the Best Practice Library of Security Policies, Standards, Guidelines, and Frameworks. Along with this, they also offer Secure Remote Access appliance and monitoring for BYOD and Remote Users through end-to-end cryptographic connectivity.

Meeting the client’s requirements.

Most organizations are only peripherally aware of the change and do not recognize the importance and the real impact the digital world has on their business. They lack the skills, organizational structures, and processes to recognize or react to change in this area. Folks at Semita Holdings work with their customers, so they can identify changes, impacts to the business, mitigation planning, and implementation of change.

Semita Holdings helps organizations take control of their cybersecurity position, implement preventative measure, and resolve/recover from a cyber-attack should they fall victim to one.

Semita Holdings has been able to deliver cybersecurity services that its customers consistently find outstanding. Responding to our question on how they were able to achieve this, David said, “We start by listening to our customers and tailoring a program that fits their needs. With their skills, decades of industry experience, and high emotional intelligence, our staff can effectively work with the client’s staff to achieve business goals. Rather than fitting the customer into a “revenue model,” which our competitors often do, we treat each client uniquely and provide a customized solution that fits their business need.”

Role of cybersecurity in organizational success

Organizations today depend on information to be successful and find themselves in a world with an alarming increase of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. Without a comprehensive cyber security program in place, it can be difficult for organizations to be adequately protected against cyber criminals and the ever-increasing cyber threat that exists today. As a result, the role of cybersecurity risk, threat, and vulnerability management is needed to protect information assets proactively to ensure the success of the organization.

Semita Holdings helps companies by conducting a thorough check of their security position followed by prioritization/planning/implementation of changes needed to ensure that information assets are secure. Should you find yourself the victim of a cyber-attack provide the expertise to stop the attack and recover from it.


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