Many large enterprises still believe they must commit large budgets and expensive teams to build a complex, integrated, “Enterprise Worthy” application.  Applications that run their business, streamline process, and provide competitive advantages.   Enterprise IT groups rely on traditional coding, which takes months and years to produce complex business solutions.  They do not trust or feel confident that LowCode platforms can deliver the advanced applications they need.

Zudy has proven them wrong.  Zudy has delivered an enterprise-grade, app dev platform called Vinyl.  Vinyl provides businesses with highly complex solutions in weeks, NOT months, which include all the bells and whistles of a traditional “Coded” app, without the delay, or the expense.

“Vinyl will open up many new channels of revenue and business models for your enterprise and set your IT teams free to innovate as needed without comprising budgets or time frames.”

Since the 1980’s, organizations have relied heavily on experienced, highly-skilled coders to deliver the automation needed to run high performing businesses.  Customers, such as large manufacturers and global pharmaceutical companies, spent millions on a single, complex system that could manage their supply chain or compile and coordinate research.  These companies now rely on Zudy to deliver modern, mobile solutions that are secure and integrate into every backend system without ETL complexities, while still providing full access to their entire enterprise landscape.  The development effort and delivery to production for the supply chain system and the pharma research system took less than four weeks end to end.  These enterprise customers saw immediate benefit and never looked back to traditional coding.

The cost savings were extraordinary and have enabled these enterprises to embark on full digital transformations for a tiny fraction of their original estimates.

Benefits are not limited to manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies; any business of any size can profit by understanding and trying a low code platform.  Zudy solves highly complex issues for Retail, Insurance, Media and Entertainment businesses as well.

How does Zudy do this?  The Vinyl platform, a declarative, dynamically responsive app dev platform, provides businesses the flexibility to build out any solution to any business problem.  These powerful applications include integrations with legacy systems like SAP or Oracle, as well as cloud systems such as Salesforce.

With extensive experience in the global enterprise, Zudy’s visionary framework developers incorporated all elements of enterprise app development needed within the Vinyl platform.  You can how build virtually any complex business application without writing code.  After decades of building solutions for companies like ExxonMobil, Cargill, Johnson & Johnson and many more Fortune 500 companies these developers understood what the platform would need to be successful in the world of complex, global, legacy enterprise landscapes and they ensured Vinyl was ready.

Dealing with highly complex ERP, HR, finance, and manufacturing systems while digitizing and modernizing new revenue models and business models, the Vinyl team faced, what seemed to be, insurmountable technical hurdles.  However, based on their intimate knowledge of these enterprise jungles they created the “Lingua Franca” of app dev.  No matter what systems you have, or how many, Vinyl can interpret and seamlessly work with them all.  Vinyl simplifies and opens up a world of capability once only available to the most experienced and expensive technical resources.  Vinyl removes the complexity and allows businesses to quickly overcome these technology barriers without sacrificing security, capabilities or the user experience.

“The Vinyl Platform minimizes app development cost and complexity. Any business can now build powerful applications with workflow, dashboards and full integrations to all their legacy systems in days. You can now launch a fully intergraded, multi-lingual, powerful application for less than $10,000 instead of $300,000.  This is game changing.”  says Trish Kennedy, Co-Founder and COO, Zudy.   “Vinyl will open up many new channels of revenue and business models for your enterprise and set your IT teams free to innovate as needed without comprising budgets or timeframes.”

Zudy has worked with many large enterprises and delivered great success.  Another example was a large regional insurance company that wanted to modernize its insurance agent portal and integrate with several backend systems, including CRM.  Its agents needed mobile and web access to client data that spanned across more than seven legacy systems.   This company had received a bid from IBM to modernize this agent system at a cost of $55 million.  The CEO of the company spoke to Zudy as an alternative and immediately saw the benefits of this advanced low code platform Vinyl.  Zudy helped the company deliver a new agent system for less than $100,000 and delivered it in less than 90 days.  Its team now builds applications monthly in Vinyl and has seen its backlog of IT requests drop from 400 to less than 30.

Zudy provides its product and full support across North America with resellers and support in Australia, Singapore, and Europe. The company continues to enhance Vinyl with new releases every quarter and the highest rankings in peer review sites like G2 and Gartner Peer Insights. Next stop, adding even greater functionality and ease of use for Full Stack Developers.


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