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Technology and Communications are transforming at a rapid pace within the telecommunications industry. Additionally, security and network services have already begun to overlap, creating an even more complex business landscape for businesses.

Triton has become a digital transformation leader with a focus on customer needs. We have developed a strong culture built around the customer experience, and we have been recognized as innovators throughout our industry.

Today’s business communication platforms must have the flexibility and agility to meet the demands of current and future business environments. Triton Networks, LLC. (Triton) continues to build on its traditional voice, data, network, and internet services to keep pace with the ongoing digital transformation in the Market to meet those network and security challenges that businesses encounter on an ever-increasing basis. Robert House, CEO of Triton, was with the CEOViews team to share details on how they are helping their clients with its product and services.

CEOViews: Triton Networks brings comprehensive voice, data, networking, mobility, communication services, and cloud solutions to companies with a single location or organizations with a larger distributed footprint. How did you develop this idea? What was your mission at the outset?

Robert House: Historically, larger service providers view customers as a nuisance with a dollar sign. The care they provide is tied directly to the amount of money spent. We felt that Triton could fill a massive void in the marketplace based on the customer experience. Everything we do in our business model is focused on providing a customer-first approach. We conduct business differently. We push ourselves to be more proactive and creative in the marketplace by providing the highest service standards and a customer-first solution model.

CEOViews: Triton Networks has been recognized as the,’ Most Innovative Companies to Watch.” How was your journey so far?

Robert House: So far, the journey has been quite exciting. We have been fortunate to have been recognized over recent years as Innovative Leaders in the Market by our peers and Digital Thought Leaders within our industry. Triton has become a digital transformation leader with a focus on customer needs. We have developed a strong culture built around the customer experience, and we have been recognized as innovators throughout our industry. Our customer experience focus drives us forward to create new and innovative solutions to meet our customer’s growing business demands, which in turn makes additional technological value for us in the overall Market.

CEOViews: What innovative ideas do you bring to small and medium-sized businesses through a wide range of voice, data, and network solutions?

Robert House: Triton can provide a complete communications framework for small and medium-sized businesses over a securely managed network service. We eliminate the typical lack of network visibility, multi-vendor management, and unpredictable third-party costs by providing an end-to-end view and complete management of the communications stacks. With the ability to bring various solutions, our customers have multiple options available with a centralized billing system and our customer care single point of contact concierge service.

CEOViews: In what ways do your innovative ideas assist your customers?

Robert House: Triton makes the complex simple. We provide multiple real-time networking, security, monitoring, and analytic tools, to provide various options and approaches to review. By delivering innovative solutions individually to each customer, we also offer the flexibility and agility to approach each situation with a unique solution. By design, Triton is able to deliver any Telecommunications solution available in today’s marketplace while considering the potential future demands of individual businesses.

CEOViews: What are your different types of products and services? Can you give us a little briefing about them?

Robert House: Triton provides managed voice, network, cloud, and data center solutions while proactively monitoring these services with our 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC). In addition to these traditional services, Triton provides next-generation cyber security, Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), Device endpoint management, and monitoring services. We provide cloud and application integration in a secure communications platform for seamless collaboration and file sharing, ideal for today’s remote work environments and multi-channel communication between individuals and groups. We also do this all on a centralized billing platform for easy customer management of a single invoice.

CEOViews: Can you explicate in brief about your firm’s 24/7/365 Network Monitoring?

Robert House: We do this by deploying measures to proactively open trouble tickets and providing a fully integrated 24/7/365 NOC facility. Our team actively manages any issues to resolution on behalf of our customers. Triton has a vast array of service provider options across North America that they aggregate into a single customer solution, providing one invoice with simple billing and a proactive care group that monitors a customer’s network 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

CEOViews: What challenges did your firm come across throughout its journey so far?

Robert House: Customer ability to have a complete end-to-end view across a customer’s network. A securely managed network service provider is critical in today’s business environment. Triton provides a unique business model built for the customer journey. Triton provides a fully secure network monitoring and management service unique within the industry. We are part of a select and unique group of fully secure Managed Network Service Providers (MNSP) in the industry.

CEOViews: How does your firm always manage to provide practical, creative solutions?

Robert House: Triton has always been a forward-thinking Telecommunications company. Our proven approach to “high touch” personal customer care enables Triton to consistently deliver the best available solutions and care to their customers. This approach is what drives our team to continually innovate and develop solutions built around current needs as well as future business opportunities. We continually research across our industry to develop partnerships and ideas to create solutions built specifically around a customer’s business. Triton provides the ability for these organizations to stay in sync, up to date, and on the same page by eliminating the gaps in their communication, both internal and external.

CEOViews: According to you, what are the upcoming market trends in your industry?

Robert House: As network services and business security merge as part of the growth in our industry, Triton is actively working on solutions to meet current and future business concerns.

We recently brought in a recognized industry leader in Ronald Lovern to focus on the market trends, next-generation technology, and other tools that will keep Triton at the forefront of our Industry. Under his leadership, Triton Networks has developed Triton One Solutions® service platform to address the increasing network and security gaps within the industry. Triton One Solutions® is a fully secure integration platform for business communication services. It provides a secure network end-to-end with management and monitoring capabilities across a customer’s entire business communications stack. Triton has also invested in our own private IOT Mobility platform under Triton Connected Communities, which was developed to meet our customer’s upcoming growing wireless and cellular network needs. When you think networks, think Triton.


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