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Video marketing is one of the most excellent ways to promote your business online. It can help you gain that extra online exposure and bring in traffic to your site. According to a study, people spend around 6.8 hours watching videos every week.

Divide that number daily, and it adds up to nearly an hour a day in which people consume video content most of the time on social media. That is more than enough time to interact with your audience and even increase your brand awareness.

This article will show you the top 10 video marketing tools you can use for your business.

Top 10 video marketing tools you can use

1. Happy Scribe’s automatic subtitle generator

Video Marketing

Happy Scribe’s automatic subtitle generator software is the perfect video marketing tool solution for subtitling and transcription needs while you are setting up your videos. Happy Scribe is on a mission to enhance your video marketing strategy with their speech-to-text technology.

The automatic subtitle generator software does just that, where it converts audio to text through their human-made and machine-generated subtitling & transcription offers.

Pricing with Happy Scribe will depend on whether you wish to use automatic or human-made transcription services. Automatic transcription services start at 0.20 Euros per minute and have an accuracy of up to 85%.

Human-made transcription services are more accurate, prices begin at 1.70 Euros per minute and are up to 99% accurate.

2. VidIQ’s video creator

Video Marketing

VidIQ’s video creator is best used for those who want to make the most use out of Youtube. Marketers can boost their organic reach, identify trending keywords, do competitor research, and much more. The huge cons of using VidIQ are its ease to use and access to real-time data, although only one user is allowed to use this tool at a time.

Pricing with VidIQ begins free but goes up to $415 with their Boost+ plan.

3. TubeBuddy’s YouTube integration tool

Video Marketing

A top-rated video marketing tool, TubeBuddy’s YouTube integration tool is free and available to use on browser and mobile apps. Once you set up TubeBuddy, you can directly integrate it with YouTube. TubeBuddy is great for helping you with video SEO and even running promotions. In general, the video marketing tool has everything you need.

Pricing with TubeBuddy will begin at $9 per month and go up to $49 per month with their Legend plan.

4. Animoto’s video marketing tool

Video Marketing

Animoto’s video marketing tool is an easy-to-use tool that offers it all in one since it offers you an easy way of creating video clips and longer videos in order to support your marketing efforts. Alongside, Animoto has plenty of images, fonts, clips, and much more to choose from when delivering a professional video.

Pricing with Animoto begins at $15 per month without a watermark and goes up to $39 per month with their more advanced plan.

5. Powtoon’s video maker

Video Marketing

If you want to see a combination of animations and a video clip and create high-quality videos, then Powtoon’s video maker is your best bet. Powtoon provides video services for almost all of the Fortune 500 companies, so that is where you see that they are all about quality.

Pricing with Powtoon begins at $19 per month, $59 per month with their 2nd plan, and up to $99 per month with their most advanced plan.

6. Vidyard’s virtual sales video tool

Video Marketing 

Vidyard’s virtual sales video tool is specially designed for those businesses looking to grab the attention of their audience and those businessmen who want to sell virtually. Big companies like Lenovo use Vidyard as it is easy to use and provides a high level of professionalism.

What is so great about Vidyard is its built-in analytics tool and how it allows you to integrate Hubspot and Salesforce to help you keep track of all of your leads.

Pricing with Vidyard starts out free but goes up to $1250 per month with their most advanced plan.

7. Wave Video’s video maker

Video Marketing

Wave video’s video maker has an excellent video marketing tool that is used if you want to start making videos from scratch or using templates. A great feature of Wave Video is that you can repurpose your videos. For example, you can create a video on Facebook, and then repurpose it to YouTube later on. Additionally, you may also upload branding items such as logos in your videos.

Pricing with Wave Video begins free and then goes up to $20-$40 per month with their paid subscription plan.

8. WeVideo’s video editor

Video Marketing

WeVideo’s video editor specializes in handling the needs of individual and business customers. It is one of the few video marketing tools with an educational use plan. In short, it can also be an option for students to use. At the same time, it is an excellent tool for businesses who love to use screen recording while creating their videos and who love to edit their videos.

Pricing with WeVideo will be cheaper for nonprofits, but for regular users, you will be paying anywhere from $4 to $29.99 per month.

9. Common Craft’s animation tool

Video Marketing

If you are someone who is concerned about creating animations and videos from photos and videos themselves, then Common Craft’s animation tool might just be the right choice for you. The best part about Common Craft is its ability to evaluate videos for free.

Overall, the uploading time is fast and the creativity you can use with Common Craft is outstanding. Pricing with Common Craft starts at $15 per month, but if you want full access, then you will be paying up to $159 per year.

10. Filmora’s video editor

Video Marketing

Filmora’s video editor is one of the greatest video marketing tools for giving you the freedom other tools lack giving you. While using the video editor, you can adjust the speed, brightness, color effects, and much more when creating videos.

Filmora pricing varies, so you will need to contact them directly on their site in order to find out how much you will be paying with your plan.

Wrapping it up

Well, that’s about it for this article. These were our top 10 video marketing tools we recommend you use and make sure to read carefully through each tool to see which tool is best for your business.


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