Global markets are witnessing a tectonic shift in the way consumers make buying decisions fuelled by digital transformation, which has forced big brands to adapt technology to deliver results. It has become essential for brands to know, live, and communicate their purpose one-to-one with consumers to viscerally connect and differentiate their marketing efforts.

As technology continues to evolve and grow in importance, modern enterprises must employ diverse marketing and advertising strategies to reach potential customers in an age of digital transformation. Digital transformation is evident throughout the communications sector, as traditional media outlets are outnumbered by the new digital media channels cropping up daily. The convergence of emerging technologies in augmented and virtual reality (A/VR), spatial digital computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) within the communications sector has created an astounding opportunity to connect with consumers in new ways. FabCom, a new breed integrated marketing and advertising agency, is helping companies bridge the digital transformation gap through dynamic, experiential solutions.


Specializing in neuromarketing, technology convergence, and connecting individual customers on a one-to-one basis to create brand preference, FabCom deploys the best of business strategy, creative strategy, and new technology. For over three decades, FabCom has led creative and strategic innovations within the communications space. Many satisfied customers have seen 200% to 400% improved results and are a testament to the agency’s innovative thinking and ability to do what others haven’t accomplished.

FabCom creates big wins by harnessing new technologies in unique ways to capture market share and create preference for brands by leading three to five years ahead of the pack. FabCom introduced technology and communication processes that changed the face of Phoenix business: neuromarketing, dynamic real-time marketing, brand mapping, cross-channel integrated marketing via new media platforms, etc. These capabilities are now the gold standard for integrated strategic marketing.

The focus point of the business

For more than three decades, FabCom has been at the forefront of innovation and strategy. As architects of brands engineered with NeuromarketologyTM, the agency creates preference by leveraging the art of positioning with the right message, to the right person, at the right time, and in the right channel. Over the last ten years, they have developed neuro- marketing mapping, also known as brand attribute mapping or dynamic targeting, as a robust offering. The neuromarketing process maps each of your target audience’s behavioral, demographic, and psychographic connection points to your brand, product, or service attributes. The sum total of the mapping and attributes becomes a unique sociographic cohort profile. These sociographic maps are then leveraged to parse the right message when targeting multiple segmentations within the same marketing funnel or advertising campaign.

Neuromarketing empowers the relevance and engagement granularity required to deploy an effective, one-to-one, automated communications platform. The result is effective, high-impact marketing and advertising that costs less to implement because it has the focus and structure to penetrate the target market and motivate specific actions. The new breed agency believes great design is more than how something looks, it‘s also how it works. FabCom’s strategic and emotional approach to marketing, advertising, and brand experiences makes an impact on multidimensional audiences to take specific actions that achieve marketing goals and objectives.

How does FabCom stand out?

The agency’s comprehensive methodology and continuum of integrated capabilities, such as fully automated AI-driven customer funnels, BlockSolidTM, and AR/VR experiences are all driven by the results-based methodology created to harness waterfall integrated production. The Neuromarketology methodology amplifies the agency’s ability to conceive strategy, creative, messaging, analytics, assets, media, channels, and highly complicated enterprise-level operations all synced up to segmentations that are specific to delivering audiences with messaging pertinent to where they are in the buying cycle.

Organization principles

FabCom is home to a passionate team of creators, strategists, and technologists. Team members with a commitment to their craft and a determination to be better every day, driven by work ethic and integrity to generate the quality, quantity, and efficacy of work for the client are valued at FabCom.

Future outlook

FabCom has worked for years with converging technology in AR/VR, AI, visual effects, human-computer interaction, and emotionally connective corporate video and has been developing a business-centric hybrid VR platform, HReality™. HReality is an innovative combination of AR, VR, lidar, spatial digital computing, and professionalication™, the professionalization of gamification. HReality was built on the basis of creating professional virtual interactions and was developed to dynamically meet a variety of professional and educational needs. Through the use of professionalication, virtual participants in the HReality platform (avatars) incorporate realistic body language, body movements, and the nuanced decorum of one-to-one interactions within the industry, business, and education.

Neuromarketing empowers the relevance and engagement granularity required to deploy effective, one-to-one, automated communications platforms.

Designed with interaction in mind, HReality is currently in beta development for use in multiple industries. Debuting in 2022 as freeware, HReality Events, a division of HReali- ty, aims to revolutionize the conference and trade show industry. With only a small deposit to provision an event, HReality Events can be planned by a single person and returns 70% of proceeds to the host.

The new capabilities of AI technology are now the efficient bridge to close the gap between inbound marketing content and dynamically populated customer experience funnels. The latest technology convergence within the AI development sector now empowers small to medium-sized businesses to connect, differentiate, and amaze customers with fantastically intuitive and delightfully memorable experiences—efficiently.

Practically leveraging AR/VR and AI in 2022 will close the gaps between audiences and brands, products, or services. This will allow brands to create preference and leverage newfound efficiencies.

The same opportunity we had 35 years ago while ushering in commerce to replace brand sales, we have again today to replace static and latent interactions with engaging personalized and authentic interactions through the professionalication of virtual reality.

Decades of exploration in marketing business intelligence, data analytics, and AI marketing funnels has led FabCom to introduce new ways of interacting with VR and each other through HReality. FabCom started with transitioning brands online and is now helping brands reach new frontiers by connecting to customers via new medias, some of which aren’t out yet. This team has always thrived with digital transformation and new technology and will continue to lead the way.


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