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The past couple years have felt like employment musical chairs. With workplaces shutting down and transitioning to fully online and employees gaining the upper hand in their careers, more people than ever are looking to switch their type of work up. For some, this includes starting a business of their own. If you are looking to launch a business in 2022, there are some things you need to take into consideration before you jump in the deep end. No matter what your business model is, you will be engaging in financial planning as it relates to the cost of your business. If you are completely new to the process, this can often feel like wandering around in the dark. We’ve listed some resources for people who are looking to navigate their finances in the most efficient and fool proof way possible. We will also cover our favorite methods of advertising for when you have your business up and running as well as a resource for complete startup mentoring. No matter what business questions you may have, we have resources for you. Keep reading for tips on how to kickstart 2022 the right way.

Financial Planning

If you are looking to start a new business in 2022 and are fairly new to the process, getting your finances in order can be a huge hurdle. Many startup companies struggle with the logistics at the beginning of the process. If you are unsure about the technical aspects of your start-up, here are some financial resources that will help set you up for success.

  • Loans: If you are looking to take out a commercial loan for your new business, check out Vaster. Vaster is committed to helping you access capital fast so you can make your vision a reality. Vaster finances a variety of commercial assets such as office buildings, vacant land, retail, industrial and multi-use buildings with fixed rates starting at 7.5%. They will help you finance up to 65% of the property value and can close in days rather than weeks. If you are looking to get things moving early in the New Year, definitely check them out.
  • Launch Services: If your financial planning goes beyond commercial loans and you are still feeling like you need support, consider hiring a startup launch service with a stock incentive plan. A launch service will help you get your business formed correctly from the beginning with easy solutions for everything from formation to financing and legal services. Their professional team will prevent you from making startup killing mistakes that novices are prone to and advise you on economics and law. They also offer consultation with legal professionals every step of the way so you can be confident in the business you are starting. Tools like this are a must if you are feeling lost on the financial side of your startup.
  • Credit Reporting Services: If your business model relies on lending, then you need to check out the consumer lending solutions API. A Credit Reporting Service will help you take the guesswork out of lending. CreditAPI aggregates data from multiple trusted credit sites so you can ensure that you are only approving qualified borrowers. Accessing credit data isn’t as easy as one may assume, so taking on a credit reporting service can mitigate the risk involved in owning a business that lends out capital or property.


If you are someone who has already started a new business and are looking to expand your customer base, you need to be advertising. In the age of the internet most successful ad campaigns are done through social media. If you are looking to boost your business using social media, here are some tips for you.

Advertising your brand through social media can be done on a variety of platforms and at different price points. Influencers are great for advertisers as they have already established trusting relationships with their audience. Many influencers on social media will establish rates based on their follower or view count. Micro-influencers with under ten thousand followers will typically be more affordable than someone who’s stories are getting hundreds of thousands of views. Consider what kind of reach you are trying to accomplish through social media ads when working out who you would like to advertise your brand. A smaller influencer who works in the same niche as your brand may be more beneficial to your sales goals then someone who is wider reaching on a more general scale.

If you are not interested in working directly with influencers on social media, another great way to advertise to a similar audience is through standard social media ads. YouTube is a great platform for standard advertising. Let’s look at how much YouTube ads cost. Your ads on YouTube specifically will depend on a variety of factors such as ad format, watch time, targeting mechanisms and campaign objectives. The average cost per click is between $0.10 and $0.30 but it is important to note that the cost will vary due to the bidding mechanism used by the platform. Brands on YouTube will typically bid against each other for the best placement. However, you can set your max bid, so you are never spending more than you intend for your ad placement.

Even with the rise of Instagram influencers, YouTube still remains one of the most effective platforms for advertisers. Video ads tend to be more effective and wider reaching and YouTube’s powerful targeting mechanisms ensure that your ads are in front of the right viewers. YouTube also offers advertisers a variety of different ad types to choose from so no matter what your budget, this platform is our choice for advertising.


At the end of the day, the best thing you can do to achieve confidence in your business is by talking to those who have been successful in what you are trying to accomplish. Kevin Miller is the co-founder and CEO of a successful startup and has helped scale D2C and technology companies with proven growth. He has worked for Google and various startups that have helped develop his marketing frameworks. Kevin is also an SEO and digital marketing expert. You can book a strategy session with Kevin and gain insight into how to optimize SEOs to drive traffic to your website. Kevin will provide you with a better understanding of SEO strategy and what it takes to use digital marketing for exponential brand growth. If you are a business owner who is unfamiliar with SEO then this is your sign to start outsourcing to the experts. In the age of the internet SEO optimization is essential to growing your business online, so don’t overlook this point.

2022, We’re coming for you!

Successfully starting a business or even running an established business is no small feat, however, you don’t have to go in blind. Follow these resources when you feel stuck, and your business is sure to experience exponential growth throughout 2022. Once you’re a seasoned pro then you can even expand your services to include mentoring other newbies (always look for new revenue streams!). Just remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, and certainly not by one person so take all the advice you can get, and your growth is sure to soar.


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