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Anyone who’s gone through the process of planning a trade show has felt the soul-crushing nightmare of sifting through vendors, designing a booth (one that at least doesn’t totally suck), and throwing together a last-minute campaign that tries to bring all the pieces together.

Been there. Done that.

That’s where Steelhead Productions comes in. The fun, supportive, reliable, and unique exhibit house specializes in creating and executing trade show experiences for mid-size businesses to large enterprises including Adobe, Bluecat, and Samsung. As a full-service exhibit house, they handle every part of the trade show process, including the design, build, transportation, installation, and removal of custom exhibit rentals.

Founded in 1996, the Las Vegas-based company firmly believes trade shows should be fun, not frustrating. And they truly live and breathe every bit of this value to their core. From the happy face on their logo — have you met Chip? — to the exciting music and lively ambiance within their office halls, everything they do works to enable marketers to Exhibit Happy®.

When Steelhead first opened its doors, business partners Sean Combs and Rhiannon Andersen wanted to create a model that provided clients with trade show exhibits that were not only creative, but also environmentally responsible. They were disappointed by how most rental exhibits were so cookie cutter and most owned exhibits were environmentally unsustainable. So, why not eliminate those challenges and bring the best of both worlds together?

Thus, a solution was born. Fully custom, high-quality, jaw-dropping exhibit rentals made for every moment that are not only better for the environment, but also for their clients’ budgets.

Steelhead Productions

To that end, Steelhead’s commitment to sustainability, transparency, and fun has disrupted the design and building process for the trade show industry. Their clients no longer believe they need to invest in new exhibits for every trade show. And hey, they’re saving money, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved — including the accounting department.

Speaking of the accounting department … Steelhead’s business model also guarantees pricing from the very moment clients sign their contract. That means every client goes into their partnership with Steelhead knowing exactly what they’re getting into.

With the belief that exhibit design can be impactful, dynamic, and sustainable without compromising quality or customization, Steelhead is charting a new path forward for the trade show industry. Their unique approach and focus on a culture that promotes a positive environment — both internally and for clients — has helped them carve out a well-known presence both in Las Vegas and beyond.

Steelhead Productions is dedicated to helping marketers have a fun, frustration-free, and impactful trade show experience. Schedule a call with their team to learn more about how they can help you succeed at your next trade show. Otherwise, you can check out their blog to start improving your trade show planning process today.

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