Salelytics began providing inside sales solutions in the consumer-packaged goods space in 1988, based on the insights that customer buying patterns and communication preferences were changing, and advances in technology and communications would soon expand how organizations made purchasing decisions. Over the past 30 years, Salelytics has expanded from Its roots In consumer-packaged goods, providing clients with Inside sales and customer care solutions in areas as diverse as healthcare, financial services, travel and hospitality, logistics, and industrial supply. While the people of the organization are the backbone of its solutions, the technology Salelytics has integrated into its processes has helped the organization to bring out the best and deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Salelytics started its Journey in the healthcare space In 1997 with a single medical device client. It has grown its healthcare portfolio to Include over 40 clients across the medical device, pharmaceuticals, dental, and animal health industries. On behalf of these clients, the organization provides not only outbound solutions to drive new customer acquisition and existing customer retention and growth but also Inbound solutions to convert marketing leads Into new customers and to provide existing customer support and management Salelytics’ business has expanded its capabilities in patient outreach in the past few years. It has developed a deep understanding of optimizing patients’ Journeys to Influence patient experiences and results for their client partners positively.

The clients of the organization stay with them for the long haul, and that tenure is based on the consistent results it is delivering for its client partners. It’s more than just results that build strong partnerships. Through the organization’s over two million interactions every year with healthcare providers, office staff, and patients, Salelytics has the advantage of hearing the voice of the healthcare industry from multiple perspectives and can aggregate what It hears and translate the data into meaningful Insights that shape the clients’ sales and marketing strategies. Based on its offerings and services, Salelytics has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Healthcare Solution Providers of 2021.

Salelytics origins are in the consumer-packaged goods space; the expansion into healthcare was a natural fit. “In 1997, a group of sales professionals sat around our board room table and made our first sales calls into physician offices, selling a medical device. Over 20 years later, while our technology and processes have evolved significantly, that same client is still partnered with us today,” said Rachel Hernandez, VP of Healthcare Operations “During our time supporting the healthcare space, we’ve supported clients in the areas of medical device, pharmaceuticals, dental, animal health, capital equipment, and group purchasing organizations, and have developed insights and best practices in nearly every call point in the healthcare space, including hospitals, physician clinics, surgery centers, dental offices, chiropractic offices, and veterinary clinics” added Hernandez.

Salelytics works with the mission statement, “Through our people, empowered by the art of sales and the science of analytics and technology, we deliver extraordinary results to the best brands in the world.” The organization makes significant commitments to its client partners and holds itself accountable for delivering on those commitments in terms of results, technology, and analytics. The organization’s client retention speaks to how seriously it takes those commitments. Of its top 10 Healthcare clients, the average client tenure is over 7 years.

Salelytics’ first healthcare client partnered in 1997, and it is still a client of the organization in 2021. On behalf of its first medical device client, the inside sales professionals grew revenue and market share in the product portfolio through phone and digital outreach. The organization’s early results were so successful that the team expanded rapidly to over 30 inside sales professionals delivering sales results on eight distinct product lines/call points. As with all its long-term client partnerships, the scope of services, processes, and technology, the organization provides has evolved.

In terms of advancement in technology, customer communication preferences are continuing to evolve. The disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the pace of change, and the role technology has to play in that evolution. There will always be a role for In-person field visits, and the phone channel will continue to remain an Impactful communication medium. Digital outreach on its own is also critical, but what makes the difference in the customer experience is fluidity across these multiple channels In an omni-channel experience, one that provides Insightful data to sales and marketing professionals while also providing a seamless experience to the customer.


To this end, the organization has built a technology stack within its telephony and CRM systems which provide the clients’ customers and the sales professionals access to communication tools like live video conferencing, Al-assisted clicks to chat, and e-mail marketing. Salelytics Integrated the use of these tools Into Its Sales Motion Continuum sales process, promoting the capture of actionable data in each step of the sales process. Salelytics empowers its sales and customer care professionals with real-time speech analytics and can transcribe recorded calls, deliver an authentic voice of the customer to clients, and provide Invaluable information to its sales leaders, allowing targeted coaching and best practice sharing.

The challenges faced by healthcare manufacturers and service providers are showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. As most sales professionals in the healthcare space can attest to, the sales cycle has Increased in both length and complexity as the number of stakeholders involved in the decision-making process has increased. The implication is that rather than making a singular call into the department where the product is to be used, the new standard is that all Influencers and decision-makers in multiple departments need to be proactively engaged in the sales process, all at a time when in-person access within healthcare facilities is more restricted than ever.

In addition, as sales organizations are continually asked to do more with less, the geography of field rep territories has grown, creating challenges in taking advantage of the full scope of sales opportunities. Rather than positioning inside sales as an alternative approach to field sales, Salelytics’ client partners have found great success in augmenting their field sales with a complimentary inside sales strategy. Ultimately, Salelytics’ success stems from its ability to meet the Industry’s challenges on behalf of its client partners and to turn an ROI consistently. Supporting the talent with processes, like Sales Motion Continuum, and technology and analytics, such as real-time speech and gamification, has allowed Salelytics to drive exceptional client tenure and growth over the years.


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