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Marketers know that staying in the loop significantly affects their careers. It’s entirely in the job description to keep up with trends, but any marketing professional knows just how challenging it can be. When it seems like a new update is released every day by Google, or a new social network reigns supreme, it is a struggle to keep up to date with the latest technological update. Many different technology magazine subscriptions are available to guarantee that one will find the perfect matches according to their interests.

The CEO Views is a business and technology magazine available in online and offline modes. The CEO Views aims to offer entrepreneurs the ideal platform to connect with their industry peers. The magazine’s future editions will focus on technological advancements in Cloud, AI, IoT, Big Data, Mobility, and more.

Listed below are the top eleven technology magazines to one being aware of the latest and greatest technological advancements:

  1. WIRED Magazine

WIRED is where tomorrow is known, and the latest in tech news, science news, and geek culture can be found in the magazine.

  1. Computer World

With a focus on IT’s core areas, Computerworld encloses a range of technology topics: Windows, Mobile, Apple/enterprise, Office and productivity suites, web browsers, collaboration, and blockchain, and relevant information on companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

  1. MIT Technology Review

The goal of MIT Technology Reviews is to make better-informed and more conscious decisions about technology through reliable, powerful, and trustworthy journalism. It is one of the best technology magazines.

  1. E&T Magazine

The IET is a world-leading professional organization that communicates and advances expertise worldwide to promote science, engineering, and technology. E&T is an award-winning magazine and website for engineering that covers the built environment, IT and communications, architecture and development, energy, and transport.

  1. Tech Advisor

IDG’s Tech Advisor brings you news, reviews, tips, tricks, and thoughts on the newest and greatest devices we have covered, from smartwatches and smart glasses to smartphones and tablets. For gadget lovers, Tech Advisor is essential reading.

  1. Tech Briefs

Tech Briefs feature state-of-the-art innovations produced by NASA, military, federal laboratories, universities, and commercial business innovators. Latest technologies from NASA and other leading R&D outlets worldwide are published in Tech Briefs.

  1. Innovation & Tech Today

An award-winning publication on technology and science is dedicated to sustainability, STEM education, gaming, and much more, which brings the top stories and news that affect one, ranging from Sustainability & STEM to Fun.

  1. Trotons Tech Magazine

Trotons is a technology magazine aimed at providing the latest tech news, events, gadgets, blogs, tools, and tech industry reviews.

  1. Technowize

It is a technology magazine with gadget reviews and Tech News from Technology Experts on a digital channel with a unique editorial vision, technology advancement, and revolutionary machines.

  1. GEEKERS Magazine

It is the best online magazine for the Geeks to stay updated with the latest technology reviews and news.

  1. BBC Focus Magazine

Science Focus is the online home of BBC Focus Magazine. The magazine covers science news, nature pictures, technology, and answers to the science questions in Q&As.


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