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The food industry is experiencing significant growth in recent years, as urbanization has spurred an interest in convenient packaged foods and fast food. But to meet the surging demands, food industries should focus heavily on the safety of the food and comply with food safety regulations. Any little compromise can result in expensive recalls and widespread damage to the reputation of the company.

Safefood 360° provides food safety management solutions for industry-leading food businesses by integrating food safety, supplier quality, and compliance management in one cloud-based platform. Chris Domenico, Territory Manager, of Safefood 360° was with the CEOViews team to share details about how they are making it possible.

Inception and mission

Many food businesses still rely on paper-based systems, which makes it challenging to manage compliance issues and potential hazards in food products. Realising this problem, the founders of Safefood 360° set out as a group of food safety experts to design a robust software solution to this problem, drawing on industry knowledge to address known pain points for food businesses leaders and managers and avoid potential hazards in the future, helping to create a safer world for the customer.

The mission of Safefood 360° is to be the leading provider of compliance and professional services to the food industry. With an aim to become the one-stop shop for everything related to food safety and supply chain transparency, Safefood 360° ensures that food businesses around the world are always aligned with current food safety industry compliance standards.

The mission of Safefood 360° is to be the leading provider of compliance and professional services to the food industry.


Ten years ago, Safefood 360° gathered people from different aspects of the food industry, including food scientists, quality assurance professionals, consultants, and auditors, to create up-to-date solutions to ensure product safety. With global food standards constantly updating and trends consistently shifting, the key to their solutions is to evolve with them to stay ahead of standard updates and trends for the ease of clients. Digitalization is not new, but often food businesses are just coming around the curve with API upgrades and stable internet connections, needing to have the instant and detailed status of their supply chains and internal compliance. Safefood 360° fits these needs within the niche market of the food industry.

Innovative food safety software designed by industry experts

Safefood 360° provides Food Safety and Supplier Quality Management software for industry-leading food businesses around the world. Designed by food industry experts, the platform covers all aspects of food safety compliance with world-class technology that puts data and business intelligence at the center of the solution.

Safefood 360° offers over 35 modules that are designed for various applications in food sites. This enables food safety managers to benefit in all operations within a manufacturing site. The software covers all aspects of GFSI and ISO standard requirements to help protect the business’ brand reputation and secure their supply chains. The best-in-class software, engineered to run in the cloud from inception, is backed by Microsoft and utilises the Windows Azure platform for a global network of high-performance data centers. The interface is developed using pure ASP, XHTML, and JavaScript requiring no third-party plug-ins allowing software access from various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Safefood 360° has a dedicated service team that takes care of the heavy lifting when it comes to system configuration, data accuracy, language packs, enterprise customization, and in-app support. Unlike other systems in the market, Safefood 360° provides dedicated technical support with food safety and systems expertise. The team oversees implementation, configuration, and training, and provides consultation on best practices within the food safety industry. This ensures that users can fully realize the value of the solutions and make the most out of their investment in a digitized system.

Solutions to ensure supplier quality compliance

Speaking about how the software provides full compliance against all areas of requirement, Chris said, “We keep our software updated as new standards and regulations are released (for example, with BRCGS Global Standard for Issue 9 released this past August, we preload the standard and have checklists available for the transition between Issue 8 and Issue 9). Safefood 360° digitizes the processes for the client to ensure access and control is managed on a single platform. Customers can manage their food safety, supplier scorecards, and risk assessment into one platform. With a separate supplier portal, we provide a clear, intuitive workflow design for supplier auditing, assessment, and view of performance at a glance. Whether our client is a single site or complex multi-site operation, Safefood 360° provides a solution to ensure all areas of the compliance process can be viewed at any point in time, with embedded workflow frameworks and automatic notifications to further maintain compliance.”

Standing out from the competition

LGC ASSURE brands work closely with GFSI, leading brands, regulators, conformity assessment and the accreditation community, and food business operators to ensure that Safefood 360° is up to date with the latest issues and trends. These interactions and fora inform and drive the product roadmap to ensure it delivers value and remains relevant.

Speaking about how they manage to stay ahead of the competition, Chris said, “We listen to both quantitative and qualitative research data to measure progress and adjust as needed. We always follow market trends, but also take into account the voices of our current customers. We have a dedicated client services team that sends out regular NPS surveys so that we can evaluate our current standing and improve, evolve, and progress our solutions. We provide innovative software solutions created by food safety experts with our professional services team to complete a full package, giving the client the best return on investment.

Future Steps

As part of LGC ASSURE, a group of leading brands that provide supply chain assurance solutions, Safefood 360° has years of experience working with most of the leading global brand and food business operators worldwide. The sister company, BRCGS, introduced the first food safety standard over 25 years ago which has been proven to have made the industry safer. Safefood 360° is now moving beyond compliance to provide real-time assurance in order to drive performance improvement and greater prediction of supply chain risk. The use of additional data sources – ESG, and cultural, combined with external data sources and published data will provide actionable insight and more intelligent assurance.

Safefood 360° provides Food Safety and Supplier Quality Management software for industry leading food businesses around the world.

With over 35 modules to meet the industrial trends and demands of current and future clients, Safefood 360° provides visibility of needs within food safety by integrating supplier quality, and compliance management in one cloud-based platform.

Safefood 360°


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