Rising demand for automation and robotics in commercial and industrial electronic markets are bringing in new trends of technological developments and improvements in sensor features, thus driving the global tactile sensor market to greater heights. Tactile sensor that acquires data through human haptic touch technology, continues to grow as industries are shifting towards digitalization and automation. Sensobright, a technology-oriented company, owns over 100 international patents in the tactile sensor field with an innovative concept and aims to advance it, translating it into a next-generation scientific product and a technology for commercialization. Prof. Dr. Utku Buyuksahin, Founder and CEO of Sensobright was with the CEOViews team to share details about how they making a difference.

Inspiration and mission

It is an undeniable fact that the visual, auditory, and chemical sensing capabilities of machines have long surpassed that of human eyes, ears, nose, and tongue in terms of sensory abilities. Whether it’s speed, accuracy, magnification, spectrum, separation, or any other parameter, it is possible to find a commercially available sensor superior to human ability in any of those areas suited to one’s requirements. The only area that human senses remain unchallenged was touch sensitivity, that was until Sensobright came along in 2018. Prof. Dr. Utku Buyuksahin teamed up with Inventram and KOC Holding (a global fortune 500 company) to ramp up commercialization and developed tactile sensor technologies. Sensobright Industries LLC’s Istanbul branch and Portland Headquarters are formed in 2018 and 2020 to develop tactile sensors and production technology of the system.

We have a game changer technology in a huge market which is driving us to the top with solid steps.

With the mission to change the status quo, Sensobright was set up to equip any machine with touch-sensing capabilities far beyond human ability, breaking the last barrier of human sensory superiority over machines.

Bringing innovation to market

Innovation has been at the core of Sensobright’s culture since its initiation. Raised from the ground up on innovative patents, Sensobright strives to innovate further by transforming novel technologies into real-world solutions for dynamic industries.

Fingertip Tactile Sensor (FTS)

It is designed at the size of a fingertip with 317 electro-optical receptors per square centimeter (vs average of 241 nerve endings per square centimeter in human fingertips), which translates to 0.3mm receptor pitch compared to 1mm nerve pitch in human fingertips. The FTS can map the shape of touching objects in three dimensions, which is achieved through the high-density placement of high-sensitivity receptors paired with simultaneous multi-touch features. In addition to revolutionary touch sensing capabilities, FTS can register temperature and even proximity objects, can display high-resolution videos, and does not interfere with magnetic fields.

Magic Silicone Sensor (MSS)

It is a thin and dark-colored patented silicone pad designed to digitally quantify the size and intensity of any incoming contact. It is essentially a non-energized touch surface that provides data when pressure is applied to it. As such, MSS can count, track, and follow multiple objects in contact and even provide gesture controls through touch. MSS can be manufactured in sizes as small as one square centimeter to the size of a dining table, flat or curved, uniform or otherwise. Unlike energized touch surfaces working with resistive or capacitive principles, MSS can also be integrated under any flexible material to convert even soft surfaces into multi-touch control surfaces. Not having an energized surface exposed to the working environment allows MSS to operate under extreme environmental conditions including high temperature (even at automotive grade), high humidity, high magnetic interference, and vibrations. Its novel technology makes MSS immune to most common sensor noises and enables it to even register contact through thick industrial gloves on a wet surface for example.

Game changer technology

Speaking about the first and the only product over human tactile sensing resolution that Sensobright has, Prof. Dr. Utku Buyuksahin said, “We are developing cutting-edge tactile sensor technologies which can be applied to different fields, penetrating into well-established industries like robotics, automation, automotive, aerospace and medical instrumentation. As we have the first and the only product over human tactile sensing resolution, we have a game changer technology in a huge market which is driving us to the top with solid steps.”

Till now, Sensobright has been supported by governmental institutions, universities, and technology companies and were invested nearly ten million dollars from Global Fortune 500 Companies. Filling the gap in tactile sensing in robots, Sensobright holds the patents of one of five human senses.

What makes Sensobright different in the industry?

Miniaturization of sensors is one of the driving trends of the sensor industry and the innovative technology of Sensobright provides the most miniaturized tactile sensor in the market. Adding to this, Prof. Dr. Buyuk sahin said, “I believe we’ve already established the FTS and MSS having the technical edge in terms of sensitivity, fidelity, flexibility and environmental resilience with respect to commercially available tactile sensors.” Combination of this technical edge with miniaturization advantages, Sensobright’s technologies represent the state-of-the-art among modern tactile sensor capabilities.

Bringing together a team of experts

Prof. Dr. Buyuksahin feels that anyone with enough financial resources can put together a great team but the challenge is to keep them together and work in synergy to achieve great heights. This requires a commitment-driven team who develops a firm conviction to the company’s mission at both individual and collective levels. Sensobright brings together a group of highly skilled people (3 out of 4 engineers having PHDs) with a combined experience of over 170 years, who overcome challenging technical roadblocks by engaging in solution-oriented discussions with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Future Vision

Sensobright has redefined the tactile sensor industry by technologies such as equipping robot hands with tactile sensors to a level of touch sensitivity exceeding human ability or converting leather armrests of a car into a touch-based control surface. At present, Senso- bright has been working on laparoscopic surgery devices, equipping cold steel apparatus with tactile and temperature sensing ability to detect cancerous tissues during laparoscopic surgery as well as sensing any internal bleeding with the help of AI software. The type of future Sensobright envisions, focuses on developing a game-changing, real-world application of the technology for a wide variety of industries.

Remaining firmly committed to the ultimate goal, Sensobright is continuously improving the spatial density and sensitivity resolution of the sensors with every interaction, with a primary focus on developing implementation and customization solutions of products for different industries, applications, and customer requirements.



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