Modernisation and adoption of “Digital Strategies” to enable the best possibly user centric transportation experience along with the future of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is happening internationally. This is leading to a rapid rise in the implementation and integration of new digital platforms, adoption of complex technologies, unrelenting change, migration and transformation of core business and production systems.

With the need to increase agility and speed to support rapid change, more system updates lead to a death of a thousand cuts, which represent a significant risk that impacts consumers and production systems. Putting into practice a seamless statewide transportation change program is a massive undertaking and is a critical aspect of ensuring a successful public experience and a quality outcome.

Pinnacle is a specialist provider of digital business assurance, quality engineering, and automation services, and is a recognised international leader with over 30 years public transportation industry experience. Pinnacle’s services are contracted by global mainstream industry vendors and departments of transport (DoT), where we mitigate complex program risks and ensure projects and operations are successfully managed and delivering against their transformation roadmaps.

Pinnacle is a specialist provider of digital business assurance, quality engineering, and automation services

Pinnacle provides consulting & advisory, digital business assurance, quality engineering, and automation services. These services provide businesses with industry expertise, and an international leading AI automation platform for scaling delivery capacity and throughput via automated virtual workers. Having small local agile teams using cutting edge automation allows different sized customers to flexibly meet their changing business demands, and efficiently deliver upon their digital transformation journeys. Ian Charlton states “the AI automation platforms ensure we provide full coverage and risk mitigation using small teams. This capacity is simply unattainable via traditional automation and large team delivery models”.

Gary Jenn adds “achieving this means challenging traditional industry thinking and leveraging innovation in a leading AI automation solution to attain the desired end game”.

Pinnacle’s advanced AI capabilities are leading the way for international delivery within the public transportation industry.

As state run public transportation systems transform to allow for more seamless customer digital interactions, and the adoption of complex integrated multi-vendor mobility service providers.

Our customers (both DoT and global vendors) strive for improved agility, collaboration, scalability, and throughput, whilst demanding guaranteed quality, risk mitigation outcomes for the program in which they are delivering. Pinnacle provides this via our industry delivery expertise, innovation in machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence Automation solutions and services. Pinnacle enables DoT transformation to be achieved on time and on budget with multi-vendor governance in complex integration programs. Achieving the states ultimate business goal to conduct seamless customer focused transformation that delivers high-quality software and systems engineering outcomes.

The Journey of Innovation and Leading Solutions

Pinnacle was founded in 2014, when the directors and co-founders (Gary Jenn and Ian Charlton), and several of Pinnacle’s senior team were all fraught from working within global tier-1 organisations. Pinnacle provides improved customer centric delivery outcomes, that were scalable but not focused upon selling people upon the cheapest day rates.

Pinnacle has a long proven track record for quality delivery of change, they are now using innovation to overcoming technical and business challenges that the industry is facing. Gary Jenn states “this includes new certification services for financial compliance and certification of third-party transportation vendors as part of a MaaS program. Translation solutions for devices, validators and Automated virtual worker solutions for concession processing”.

Service-driven solutions deliver faster DoT project ROI, and reduced the total cost and period needed to deliver the change programs. Gary Jenn smiles, stating “Pinnacle is also very successfully at being parachuted in to fix struggling programs, and is achieving outcomes that its competitors say cannot be achieved with the use of traditional approaches and technologies”. He continues “It is our focus on innovation that overcome customer delivery complexity and challenges that is fueling Pinnacle’s growth, and success”.

Pinnacle: Different and Unique

Pinnacle’s delivery services are underpinned and scaled by multiple AI automation products from within their portfolio. All assets reuse its modular, code-free natural language scripts, with low maintenance. The AI informs system change and impacts and takes the natural language assets which it automatically executes against the target systems using scalable virtual workers. Unlike traditional automation methods, where people struggle to maintain coded automation script libraries against system changes, Pinnacle eliminates this problem for its customers.

Ian Charlton shares “Pinnacle’s AI automation platforms can execute millions of production volume fare and payment test transactions per day, so validating a full production day against a proposed system change is easy”.

This next generation delivery capability is so efficient that Pinnacle is saving $10’s millions of dollars on larger customer programs by significantly reducing the duration and effort of all the teams across the engagement.

A Productive Team of Experts

With the experience of more than 30 years each in global consultancy and complex IT delivery, the co-founders, and directors along with many of their senior leadership team gained their experience in different countries worldwide, including US, Europe, Nordics, Australia, and New Zealand, within global tier-1 consultancies and the offshore giants. Pinnacle believes in challenging the markets perceptions of IT project delivery, automation and team collaboration, whilst improving maturity across Agile and DevOps delivery practices.

Pinnacle’s global Research and Development (R&D) group develops, improves their innovation and next-generation AI automation solutions. With automation playing such a vital role in Pinnacle’s services, and with their local agile teams being scaled by virtual workers to improve throughput and capacity, they are proving to be commercially competitive with the global offshore service providers labour focused services.

In Summary

Gary Jenn believes “within the current market, it is crucial to raise customer expectations in terms of maturity and quality when delivering systems change at speed. Companies need to focus on quality outcomes for its customers with UX driven solutions that do not damage reputation or customer confidence”.

Every client faces a different problem when it comes to leading their business. Ian Charlton believes “every client is unique, and differences between their short and long-term challenges can either make them or break them”. Gary Jenn adds, “the need to be efficient, right-sized, and deliver high-quality outcomes is essential, but not always achieved, especially when there is an unprecedented rise in company production outrages and issues”.

Ian Charlton advises “clients should never blindly follow everyone else, be bold and don’t take the commonly discussed path on the internet, as that leads to less effective delivery, more cost, more technical debt and more technical complexity”.

The Vision

“The impact of high velocity digital change without a clear goal or ROI case is being seen more frequently. This comes with the corresponding rise in the numbers of publicly visible IT failures, where unnecessary compromises and production risks are taken in the pursuit of running faster.” says Ian Charlton.

Pinnacle will continue to develop client value and extend its AI automation solutions and services driving our goal to be at the forefront of enabling and implementing emerging technology within Public Transportation, next-generation ticketing, automated fare collection, and facial recognition.

As the public transportation industry continues to need to transform to meet the demands of commuters, Pinnacle will expand system and external vendor compliance services, financial payments regulation auditing, ensuring continuous change in high transaction production payments solutions, autonomous vehicles solutions, and provide all the technical and technology driven innovation required to support and enable the future of public MaaS services.

Pinnacle values collaboration with its customers and strong relationships with our eco-sphere partner community and industry specialist partners. Pinnacle continues to invest heavily into value-add partnerships in the future. Pinnacle is courting and having long term strategic conversations, and shared vison discussions with several major global organisations that could shortly make Pinnacle a household name.

Gary Jenn believes “2022 and the next 5-10 years are full of progress and excitement for Pinnacle as we look forward to future challenges and continue to be at the forefront of our industry”.

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