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Numedico was established in 2016 after acquiring  the exclusive Asia Pacific rights and license for its ClickZip® safety retractable syringe product.  Since that time,Numedico has grown into a mid-size medical device company focused on safe medical devices and labware.As of today,Numedico has acquired the assets and business relating to ClickZip®.As the global health industry evolves, options  in safety devices,telehealth solutions,and easy-to-use sustainably focused medical devices and equipment will become critical. Numedico is dedicated to achieving  growth in this space, striving to remain at the industry forefront and investing in safe medical device technology that translates to sustainable and practical  quality home and professional healthcare solutions. 

Numedico has always been committed to providing access to genuinely functional,affordable and safe medical products to a global marketplace.The organisation’s mission is to continually question and challenge the medical community’s status quo and the manufacturing and supply process. Currently, Numedico fulfills medical supply contracts in three key areas: drug delivery systems (syringes and other new technologies),infectious diseases, and environmental waste management.The organisation now also offers medical product fulfillment as demand has grown beyond the products. 

Numedico Technologies has been recognised as one of the 50 Innovative Companies of the Year 2021.The journey has been exciting,rewarding,and challenging. In an industry that can be both dynamic and bureaucratic, this has required vision,resilience,diplomacy and persistent problem-solving capabilities.  

Neville Calvert,Founder and MD of Numedico says:“We are in the business of improving the safety and sustainability of health workers and community  healthcare. For us, this does not flex. What is constantly changing is what is available to achieve this mission,and what Numedico can provide,develop and invest in as a valuable contributor in the solution to these universal challenges”.  

“Numedico has always been committed to providing access to  genuinely functional, affordable, and safe medical products to a  global marketplace”

Numedico and its partners,are committed to remaining dynamic and always seeking the best solutions for these challenges.  

While working with various clients,the organisation faces  various challenges which are not new and are not likely to  change.These challenges can be distilled to safety,affordability and sustainability. Numedico aims to stop  preventable death and disease spread by providing access to functional, affordable, practical, accessible, and safe medical devices and technology. In addition to this and where possible,the products reduce waste.The  products and technologies that Numedico develops,invests in and distributes address at least one, if not more of these challenges for its clients.  

The ClickZip™ brand of medical products, including its Needle Retractable Safety Syringes and blood collection kits, are one of the highest quality manual retractable needle injectable delivery systems available globally.  These products prevent needle stick injury and needle re-use, have minimal low dead space and reduce medical waste volume depending on protocols. Numedico has now expanded to supply other medical products,including viral specimen collection sets and the Sterilis Solutions™ Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Autoclave/Grinding System.The latter provides on-demand remediation of RMW at the point of use,reducing medical waste in volume to safe confetti-like  output that can then be disposed of easily and affordably. 

The advancement of technology in this industry pivots on its ability to provide a viable and practical solution to the challenges of safety, prevention,sustainability and affordability. The ClickZip™ retractable safety syringe and butterfly needle system tick all of these challenge boxes.With a universal adoption of this technology, the organisation aims to vastly improve the safety of health workers by reducing needlestick injury; prevent the spread  of blood-borne infectious diseases by both the reduction of needlestick injury and needle re-use; reduce the volume of medical waste as sharps containers can accommodate at least 30% more needles due to the needle being retracted into the barrel and the plunger potentially not being classified as medical waste;and reduce wastage of medicine due to minimal syringe dead space.  

Numedico is driven by two organisational attitudes, which motivate its consistent growth: 

  1. Commitment to be dynamic: To provide the best  solution possible to address safety, prevention, and the environment.As the industry evolves, products will  become outdated. New technology needs to be invested  in, developed and adopted. Numedico embraces this  progression with no inclination to stall it, and to always  seek to offer the best option to the marketplace at the best  price. 
  2. Willingness and focus on building communities around the products: Numedico believes in listening to its partners and empowering them to become their best  advocates. This may mean that Numedico has to change  and adapt, but that as an organisation it will remain  responsive to the global marketplace’s needs. 

Numedico seeks to remain dynamic and proactive in its response and approach to providing services and technological solutions to global health industry challenges.The industry is continually changing,and in response technology is continuously advancing.Numedico will invest in technology and solutions that respond best to the industry’s future needs,enabling it to  evolve and remain relevant and viable. 

The pandemic has created global supply and quality challenges. Many of Numedico’s clients are looking for a broad-based supply capability which, through its broad global network of manufacturers in Asia,the USA and  Europe,it is able to provide.In addition,its high-quality products contributes to building its reputation as a high  quality brand, providing a comfort level that Numedico will meet its obligations and proactively resolve any  problems that arise.  

The future looks bright. Numedico will continue to build its business globally through the implementation of technology,aiming to be a leader in the provision of safe medical devices and innovative home health care  solutions.


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