Label Logic, Inc.

Established in 1997,Label Logic,Inc. has continuously grown to become a leading national provider of labels,tags and more. Today, the organization occupies a large production facility where it produces and provides labels, tags, RFID tags,printers,ribbons and software to various industries.Over the past 25 years,Label Logic has consciously evolved to become the premier one-stop shop for all the labeling needs.It translates into reduced lead times, hassle-free ordering and utmost confidence in choosing Label Logic. 

Label design and then barcoding hit the  automotive industry in the early ’80s. I met my  partner in 1993, and Label Logic was formed in 1997.  

Label Logic offers hassle-free on-site,online, or phone vendor  management ” 

We bought our first two Flexographic printing presses in 2004.Both Jeff  and I are sales reps at heart and stayed ahead of technology.Being  out in the field helped us know the customers needs and we reacted;we continue to focus on customer demand and grow with them,”said Karen Cripe,President of Label Logic,Inc. 

Label Logic offers hassle-free on-site,online or phone vendor  management. The organization is  personally involved in every step  of the way, from the initial order to  delivering the final product.The  organization’s state-of-the-art  industry software allows it to  automate planning,organize and control resources and protocols to ensure the projects are managed efficiently. Label Logic excels in the strategic process of product sourcing, researching, negotiation and planning,including environmentally responsible printing inks,RFID  labels,UPC barcode labels,and unique label and tag materials.  

Innovative businesses are continually evolving, always trying  out new ideas and delivering new products and services.While Every product may not be a success,but an innovative company continues to adapt to its marketplace and  creates the best ideas for serving its clients.The critical attributes of  an innovative business are trend  spotting and diversity.To be innovative, an organization needs to have ideas,and quite often,the customer base will  be the source for this inspiration.The client and their needs should be the priority of any business at the end  of the day, not the sales. 

Label Logic Inc.has been recognized as one of the 50  Innovative Companies to Watch.The organization’s success story was built on customer service and  always making the impossible happen. Hard work,perseverance,and taking risks.It has been a great ride!A primary driver of economic development is innovation. These days innovation is all about placing the puzzle pieces together to solve a given business problem.It is an integral part of running a healthy company to have a strong workforce that feels like a genuine business. Furthermore,other critical features include being courageous enough to take chances,recognizing when to pull the plug on areas that do not meet standards and keeping informed about all then  latest variables impacting their marketplace. 

Label Logic recognized the need for labeling,barcoding and RFID technology. Label Logic invested  in insertion equipment to become a few companies  that can offer a complete RFID encoded label or tag  for any industry. The organization invested in several flexographic printing presses and digital equipment and has built a strong team.Every entrepreneur faces  challenges while establishing their business.While working with various clients,Label Logic faced issues in terms of labeling specialty items and harsh  environments. Label Logic has an experienced team of sales and integrator professionals to get the job done,  whether it is barcodes or an RFID application.  

Label Logic’s first project took place at a bakery.“They inventoried 380 preprinted labels with  ingredient statements.I sold them a print/apply  system and two standalone Zebra printers. This  allowed them to inventory one label and print on demand.If ingredients changed,they had no obsolete  inventory,”added Cripe.Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or a small local business,the client organization will be pleased with the level of service  and quality offered by Label Logic.The organization leads the way with bleeding-edge industry software that automates planning, organizes, and controls resources, procedures, and protocols to ensure clients’ projects are managed efficiently.

Label Logic Inc. has worked with several industries of  various sizes.While working with the automotive industry,it implemented RFID for returnable assets (totes and container),which tended to “disappear”and never return.” The customer needed a way to determine which container left which dock door, what date/time,and where placing fixed-RFID readers at the dock doors allowed this. As a tagged container  crosses a threshold for the dock door, the RFID system records the pertinent information and saves it for later recall. 

Several customers of the organization are in the customer door and cabinet industries.One of the most significant challenges they faced was tracking each  piece’s work in progress,part and order.Originally,knowing every piece’s location and identity was incredibly cumbersome,filled with manual counts and a lot of searching/reading tiny font on labels to determine which part is which RFID inlays and labels  give the customers the ability to give every piece in  their facility an identification. Using fixed-RFID readers  and antennas, the customer can seamlessly determine,in real-time,where every identifiable piece of work is in their processes,without any direct  line-of-sight needed. 

Label Logic will continue to stay ahead of the curve,investing in new equipment and formulating face  sheets and adhesives for any application. The organization’s customer service combined with real-time plant management leads to faster order turnaround and quality of the highest standards!  



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