5 Important Steps to Take When Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

Losing a loved one is a painful and devastating experience that can shatter your life in every aspect. However, coping

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5G and Mobile Solutions for Healthcare Workers

COVID-19 caught off guard companies, communities, and the industry as a whole going business as usual and prompting swift pivoting to mitigate risk and save lives. When healthcare professionals struggle

By CEO 8 Min Read
Coronavirus Pandemic: Telemedicine is the Need of the Hour for Healthcare!

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is increasing, many countries have

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Healthcare Technology Shaping the Future

According to research, the global digital health market size is projected to

3 Min Read
Verticals of IT and its Application to the Healthcare Industry

The main focus for the next generation in the healthcare industry will

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Opportunities And Obstacles of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

The rapidly changing field of big data analytics has begun to play

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Health outcomes are tightly coupled with socio-economic status

Several reports within the past few months including one from CDC on COVID-19 related Hospitalization, and the New York State

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Healthcare IT Trend Watch:
COVID-19 Spotlights Value of Four Key Technologies
Susan deCathelineau, SVP of sales and services, Hyland Healthcare

Earlier this year – pre-COVID-19 – we predicted that 2020 would bring continuing advances in three healthcare IT priorities: interoperability,

6 Min Read

What is Herd Immunity in Corona, and how to achieve it?

Herd immunity takes place when a large portion of a population (the herd) is immune to a disease. That makes

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How to get a Job in COVID-19 Pandemic?

The effects of this deadly coronavirus and government decisions influence companies and industries all over the globe. Some are looking

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Latest Updates on Vaccine for COVID-19

The number of coronavirus cases continues to increase at an alarming rate worldwide. Scientists and medical experts are making rapid

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Top 5 Industries thrive after COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought about unparalleled chaos across industries. It has a large-scale effect on the economy, from halting flights and

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Modify Capital Impact of COVID-19 on Self-employed

While staying physically safe and preventing COVID-19 from spreading are top priorities for everyone. Managing personal finances is also paramount,

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Healthcare Technology Shaping the Future

According to research, the global digital health market size is projected to hit USD 509.2 billion by 2025, rising at

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Personalized Wellbeing is the Next Frontier

New discoveries significantly contribute to the era of personalized medicine. Personalized Wellbeing is the understanding and assessment of patient needs

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Cloud Computing for Life Sciences Companies

Cloud computing's benefits are widely known for the collaboration, performance, automation, and advanced analytics gains the cloud delivers. Cloud computing

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