HZO Inc.

HZO Inc. was founded in 2011 and is a global leader in delivering world-class protective nanocoatings that safeguard electronics from the most demanding corrosive and liquid environments. “The organization brings people, processes, capital equipment, and material science together, leveraging an extensive portfolio of patents to create unique solutions to meet specific customer requirements,” said James T. Fahey, CEO of HZO. The company delivers a better, more reliable, and durable water-resistant and waterproof product, which reduces costly returns, improves customer loyalty and drives overall brand value.

HZO is led by a diverse, world-class leadership team from around the world. Each member is a recognized expert in their fields, doing their part to ensure HZO and the customers’ success.

By 2025 there will be over 41.6 billion devices, transforming the way we work, play, communicate, and get things done. These connected electronics will traverse industries, from industrial to automotive, medical devices, consumer electronics, and IoT, and will operate in diverse environments, serving a multitude of functions. Although the electronic components in connected devices vary, they share a few commonalities. Electronic components are intricately sensitive. Many environmental factors can irrevocably damage devices, leading to total shutdown, including humidity, pollutants, salt fog, standing water, rain, and other corrosives. These components are also generationally valuable. If electronics can run reliably, this can boost brand reputation and lead to increased loyalty and ancillary purchases, driving significant revenue for decades and ages.

Conversely, if electronics fail without warning, this can lead to unnecessary costs associated with downtime, warranty returns, repairs, or recalls. With these ideas in mind, the founders evaluated the electronic protection options available. Mechanical seals are unreliable; traditional conformal coatings require solvents and curing time and can be thick and bulky. Vendors that do provide Parylene often only offer one piece of the puzzle, material, or equipment when they render services. Competitors that offer nanocoating solutions often cast a wide net with a one-size-fits-all solution that can leave businesses feeling pigeonholed. There had to be a better way, and HZO has set out to innovate that solution.

“In this competitive market, to stay ahead in the race, HZO adds chemical composition profiles to the expansive Spectrum of Protection™ portfolio of coating solutions with Parylene, Plasma, Hybrid, and Atomic Layer Deposition” adds James T. Fahey. Atomic layer deposition delivers nanocoatings at the precision thickness, so the organization is perfecting the process to fill this need. HZO understands that businesses need custom solutions sometimes, so it continues to drive unchartered innovations on Parylene-based hybrid coating solutions. Additionally, for businesses that need protection at a competitive price-point, the nanocoating solutions provided by HZO are always evolving.

HZO delivers more than Parylene for consumer electronics. HZO provides an innovative Spectrum of Protection, offers Parylene competitively and quickly, can coat anything anywhere (whether it is with the factory-in-factory or coating-as-a-service business model).

Clients often have trouble coordinating a thin-film solution. Other vendors may only offer material or equipment, and it is usually up to the client to find technicians and manage all the different operations and production variables. HZO helps clients overcome these challenges with its turnkey solution, which means that HZO is ready to deploy at any time with the best people, equipment, processes, and material science to meet the standards of excellence for clients.

Intellectual property portfolios can represent technological advancements and nanotechnology leadership. IP assets such as patents, trademarks, and industry secrets signal a dedication to research and development and foster innovation. HZO’s IP portfolio has over 370 assets, and it continues to advance. The organization draws upon the insights in their IP portfolio to produce solutions that provide exceptional service that other vendors cannot offer, such as automated masking and demasking. Masking is an essential part of a conformal coating application; it is the process of sealing off electrical components that should not be covered in the coating. However, with Parylene, masking can be very costly and time-intensive. HZO offers automated masking, semi-automated, and manual masking to optimize efficiency, yield, and drive down costs.

HZO has worked with several industries of different sizes. Although it is not possible to mention all of the Fortune 100 customers by name, HZO has worked with industry leaders in consumer electronics, top tier automotive companies, industrial giants, IoT trailblazers, and is diversifying into protecting medical devices in the healthcare market. Dell, Nike, PRISMVIEW -a subsidiary of Samsung, Sarcos, Netatmo, and Kobo are few companies that have worked with HZO.

In terms of technological expansion, HZO is pushing the limit with laser ablation, plasma ashing, and plasma etching. The organization is also perfecting the nanocoatings, speeding up the Parylene process and making the atomic layer deposition process more efficient while decreasing costs every step of the way. Geographically, HZO is planning to expand its global footprint of 15 worldwide locations covering North America, Europe, and Asia as the market demands.


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